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Made for Game 'Regalia'

Made for Game 'Regalia' in Final Fantasy XV, RPG, 2016

Class: Cars, Convertible

Playable Vehicle Playable vehicle

Made for Game 'Regalia'

Picture provided by : car-dude44

Made for Game 'Regalia'

Picture provided by : car-dude44

Made for Game 'Regalia'

Picture provided by : car-dude44

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OuIGCD (23)

2017-06-05 13:54

Apparently, from Final Fantasy wikia...

Quote The Regalia resembles the real-world Cadillac Ciel and Maybach Exelero. Regarding this, Hajime Tabata has said, "I can't really tell exactly you which company we looked at, but certainly the design of the car in the game was inspired by German car manufacturers and a couple of British cars, as well."

At a Final Fantasy XV fan event in Tokyo, it was revealed the Regalia was designed to resemble Rolls-Royce luxury cars.

twingo FR (0)

2017-06-05 18:12

So now we must figure out what it is from those clues, or shall we just not beg for points and just leave it madefor game, and understand this is not a SPECIFIC car? :)

car-dude44 CA (27)

2017-06-09 22:59

Definitely a Made for Game that takes many elements. I do find it's got a lot of details from the McLaren X1 but with a style more like a Maybach or Rolls Royce.

Retr0_50s SG (36)

2017-06-13 06:57

To me looks like an r8 XD the rear the the huge grill front

chesty KY (67)

2017-06-13 23:33

Cadillac Ciel with Maybach Exelero grille

car mad1 UK (5)

2017-08-04 10:35

I think more dimora natalia

TiBag FR (0)

2017-08-10 01:30

Tesla S en décapotable

Speedevil BE (119)

2017-08-10 02:21

TiBag wrote Tesla S en décapotable


64-46 BMW BE (0)

2018-03-13 21:18

Resembles a Rolls Royce a lot.

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