1968 Leyland Octopus

Surname: Tanker

Class: Simple truck

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Playable vehicle



Contributor: G-MANN


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UK clandohoome

2019-12-31 14:04
I think Leyland Octopus was the name used for the real 4-axle truck the toy was based on.

twilight sparkplug

2019-12-28 16:21
Never seen a spcific model listed I only know it as Leyland Tanker
UA valera

2017-10-02 20:48
What the real name of this toy truck ?


2016-03-12 15:19
One of the most Bizar cars in GTA, I dont think the base model is even american, The game coming from a british company I think they just based the tanker on a random toy.

The unusual sides have allways confused me. They seem as if they are way too sloped,
Also 8 wheels? (or probly 12 wheels, But two rear axels with 4 front steering wheels)

te first thing this made me think of was those 8 wheel british trucks.

So I dug around a little and found this.

The tanker has allways been strange with its lined roof and 8 wheels funy sides.. but still that truck has flat sides.. so heres what I think happend.

Take a pic of the top of the truck, its not 100% top, theres a little side showing, so what if they just fliped the image and based it off that? to give it more character rather than being a flat box, with a cylinder behind it.

1. Pic of truck at angle

2. Flip image to mirror it.

3.Show wheels more, Add flamible sign, GTA Tanker

Sooo... Does this mean the GTA Tanker in the us, is actully a british Leyland Bison? That just seems really weird to me, Especially after I said 'This cant be this Cuz USA'

If it does it means the sprite is kinda inacurate.. MFG? heh

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2016-03-12 15:21:50

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