1998 Ford Crown Victoria

Surname: Police Cruiser

Extra info: Police Interceptor

Chassis: P71

Mk: 2

Class: Sedan

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: direct_UA

Contributor: direct_UA

Contributor: direct_UA


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CA Officer Sandwiches

2011-10-20 07:53
mercurygrandmarquis1 wrote
these cars annoy me so much because the only thing the devolpers got right was the light bar and the fact that its a crown vic blue nypd cars were replaced 12 years ago the only people using dark blue cars are school safety traffic and and auxiliary not regular patrols... rant off

Actually the lightbar is even wrong, the NYPD doesn't use front-facing blue lights due to NY State law not allowing such.

2008-04-29 16:22
Looks more of the Mercury version to me :??:
IT Neon

2008-04-29 14:57
In this game there is also a white police Crown Vic with the blue strip (on the blue is white) on the side

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