Temsa Opalin

Class: Single-deck

Origin: TR Turkey

Unplayable vehicle
: Part of Patch 1.2.5 update.



Contributor: RushCars24

Contributor: RushCars24


Author Message

DE Mieguy

2017-11-26 13:02
Thanks, but my old pictures of the Opalin were crap because it was hard to catch the fast moving bus. I deleted my old page.


2017-03-27 07:51
EDIT : Decided to spare Mieguy's life because the rear of the old Opalin page is belong to him and I don't wanna to get Mieguy mad again, so we better leave that old Opalin page on it's own until further notice.

-- Last edit:
2017-04-07 16:34:59

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