1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Surname: Flamer

Chassis: 2454

Mk: 2

Class: Coupé

Origin: US USA

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Findable only in San Andreas



Contributor: G-MANN


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HU Mathias98

2021-02-11 17:25
I think I have this Matchbox car somewhere...

Edit: I found it!

It was made in Macau in 1979.

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2021-02-11 17:38:46

twilight sparkplug

2019-02-07 05:03
This is taking me longer than it should I managed to track down this anyway. Pretty cool to see it.

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2019-03-05 22:32:10

twilight sparkplug

2018-06-10 18:37
Here I come years later.

Yep The old GTA cars were originally just pictures of toys that were edited and such. I find this a good way to find out what the old GTA cars are.
even tho I am usually met with fierce arguments because they decided to call A Corvette Thunderhead, and a Camaro Stallion.

Nice find, I had not seen that Chevrolet yet but I can bet it is the one used, Seen a pink one that was pretty close I guess you will not see this by now because I am years late but yep :B
DE victorvance

2012-09-04 07:13
I had a Matchbox Bel Air that had identic paint job! Even the letters on the trunk! I think they used one of these model cars to programme it!

This one has different colors, as I couldn´t find a picture of a car similiar to my model (and of course this car from Grand Theft Auto)

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2013-02-22 18:02:08

2006-09-27 17:25
Customized Chevy Bel Air?

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