Chevrolet C30

Surname: Ambulance

Class: Ambulance

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: G-MANN


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twilight sparkplug

2018-06-10 18:39
Here is a Chevrolet:

Kind of funny how they just mirrored the E without removing it or changing it.
Also the symbol in the center of the lights I always thought was some part of the lights. Looks like they just made them wider and square.

2006-10-27 18:57
That's right. In the game's storyline you start your criminal career in Liberty City (which resembles New York even closer in this game) and after completing the second level "Heist Almighty", mob boss Bubby sends you to San Andreas (vaguely resembling San Francisco) because you've brought too much heat on yourself from your sucess in crime. Then in the cartoon cut-scene at end of Level 4 "Tequila Slammer", homosexual hispanic gang leader El Burro (who reappears in GTA3, even if it's in voice only), wearing nothing but a waistcoat, tells you he's now going to 'personally' reward you for your sucess (and you'll find out why he's known as "The Donkey"). In the next level "Bent Cop Blues", you are now in Vice City (Miami) under the thumb of highly corrupt narcotics officer Deever. I always imagined that your character flees San Andreas to avoid being sodomised by El Burro. Sorry if that sounds homophobic, but when you get to actually see him in the cut-scene, you'd understand why anyone would want avoid getting intimate with this guy. Although the funny thing is you can actually choose a female profile for your character so that would spoil the subplot of El Burro lusting after you (and calling you "pretty boy"). In fact, despite that when you start the game, out of 8 character profile mugshots to choose from 4 of them are women, the in-game dialogue often assumes you are male, to be honest this is more of a boy's game, though there's no reason why girls can't enjoy it.

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2006-10-27 19:22:43
Star Wars Fanatic

2006-09-26 17:56
San Andreas version:

Vice City version:

Notice that the original Grand Theft Auto was set in Liberty city, San Andreas and then Vice City ;)

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