1996 GMC Savana

Surname: Police Transporter

Extra info: Police

Class: Van / MPV

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: Jonathan6506


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DE Mieguy

2013-10-30 10:48
armored windows give you really the advantage. Once you have stolen a Police Transporter, you are nearly unbeatable because of the armor. only the front makes you a little bit vulnerable when trying to get away.
US offroad357

2013-10-30 00:35
armored windows too
US gnair227

2013-09-28 23:14
Black Bart wrote
Available when you gotta steal it for one of the heists.

Also available with a 3 Star + Wanted Level

US Black Bart

2013-09-27 03:34
Available when you gotta steal it for one of the heists.
US gnair227

2013-09-22 05:25
Its another 1996 Chevrolet Express van like all the other BRUTE and Declasse vans in the GTA IV-GTA V Series. Also, in game this is called a Police Transporter, not a police van.

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2013-09-26 05:35:40
CA car-dude44

2013-09-19 16:04
These are used for roadblocks, with spike strips.

CA xboxgamer969

2013-09-12 22:53
Police Van lol
US carcrasher88

2013-09-12 20:04
Based on the headlights, it looks to be based on the Burrito, which would make it a Chevrolet Express.

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