2008 Tesla Roadster

Surname: Coil Voltic

Mk: 1

Class: Convertible

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: XThUnDeRX


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MX Gagarsa06

2018-11-09 18:45
Origin: USA

US generalrusty78

2018-04-12 20:07
The Voltic was the first highway-capable, all-electric sports car on the market in the United States. Boasts a battery life shorter than your iFruit phone so that you can still call a cab home when you grind to a halt in the middle of nowhere.

US RageQuitter

2017-12-23 20:18
Nope. It's an Elise.

ID GamerFIB7590

2016-08-15 13:02
I'd say 2008 Rinspeed sQuba, it seems to be closer one, but you can't drive in water in actual game

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2016-08-15 13:03:09


2015-12-04 21:17
You know about the event that requires driving the longest distance without crashing? If my estimations are correct, when this baby hits 88 mph in reverse, youre going to win that challenge. (Yeah, poor pun was said)

Now seriously, this car is indeed very quick on reverse, nearly same speed as forward. I have worst textures, I couldnt really tell what speed was that, but my estimate is something over 70 mph.

LB speedfreak975

2015-08-27 17:42
Everyone knows about tesla's coil which makes the GTA5 manufacter "coil" an easy giveaway that the voltic is a tesla not lotus.however do we base our cars here on how they look or what they are supposed to be in GTA logic because in that case the Grotti Carbonizzare should be a Ferrari California. The car is definitely supposed to be a tesla (GTA logic) but looks like an Elise. However in this case I don't think it matters because there is strong relation between the two cars.
Edit: I hope they add a tesla model S parody :D

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2015-08-27 17:45:24
US carcrasher88

2015-08-27 16:52
I honestly think that while the name is definitely a parody of Tesla, the brand itself (minus it's weapons division) is more of a general representation of American start up manufacturers (Tesla and Local Motors being prime examples of such), minus Fisker, which is represented by Hijak.

UK Tuppence870

2015-08-27 16:31
Coil is obviously Tesla, since a Tesla Coil is a real scientific instrument.

LB speedfreak975

2015-08-27 13:49
The car specs are a match to the tesla but visually the car looks almost exactly like a Elise. After all the tesla uses the Elise chassis. However Coil is a parody.....of something considering the brawler is Local motors rally fighter. The voltic is a lotus/tesla hybrid. I suggest we wait for R* to provide us with a new coil car because till this day "coil" is not really a clear parody of a real company especially after coil brawler was introduced

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2015-08-27 13:55:22
SI Lightwader

2015-08-27 13:25
Love this car. It always seems driving an EV in games fixes all the drawbacks with fossil fuel powered ones. No noise, no gear shifting, instant torque. It's a shame they didn't make a Model S parody, however. As much as I love a fun, lightweight sports car like this, I usually prefer driving four-door sedans. I'm weird :p
AU Bond007stig

2015-07-09 09:23
This is a Tesla Roadster (Coil) is the electric version

2014-05-09 08:07
No it isn't. Both ends of the car are almost identical to the facelifted Lotus Elise, which is rare in a GTA car.

2014-05-08 23:38
It's quite obviously meant to be a Tesla :l

BR Attacker1997

2013-10-13 04:32
Tesla Roadster

US Black Bart

2013-10-07 01:35
Forget about him. It's his problem, not ours. He's obviously a hypocrite and got what was coming to him.

FR Rinspeed

2013-10-06 18:48
Black Bart wrote
So am I, at least he's banned, now.

and this is an email from him to me:

"i get banned for insulting trolls that allowed to rejoin multiple times with no repercussions

where is the logic in that
kindly tell me
but whatevs i can make a new acc. whenever i want via the steam
browser tho and continue exposing you for the logic-lacking admin you
truly are.
also btw i prank called lantz09's house and legit talked to him, said
I was you(even used your real name, don't ask how i know lol), had a
fake stereotypical French accent going on and all, and said i'd hack
his account if he ever set foot on there again. umad?"

I don't understand what he want... He doesn't understand that we weren't here to insult someone, troll or not troll...
I prefer let this mail here to let see who he is really.

US Black Bart

2013-10-06 18:43
So am I, at least he's banned, now.

DE Gamer

2013-10-06 18:03
uwotm8 wrote

Lol you are so autistic

I'm an autist you arse! :mad:

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2013-10-06 18:04:59

US Black Bart

2013-10-03 23:36
uwotm8 wrote
Lol, you are so autistic

Autistic?? I find that very offending.
CA Lantzs09

2013-09-26 15:04
sajmon14 wrote

Thanks, That was very helpful. A very few of these new cars I have never heard about and I will always rely on Google in order for me to look up a car that I have never heard about.

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2013-09-26 15:06:03

PL sajmon14

2013-09-26 14:55
Lantzs09 wrote

Never heard of the Detroit Electric SP:01. What exactly is this car you are talking about?

why not google it?

CA Lantzs09

2013-09-26 14:51
Tycek wrote
Maybe, but it looks almost exactly like Elise. And even if we take the electric engine into consideration I would be more convinced towards Detroit Electric SP:01.

Never heard of the Detroit Electric SP:01, so what exactly is this car you are talking about?

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2013-09-26 14:55:11
PL Tycek

2013-09-21 19:27
Maybe, but it looks almost exactly like Elise. And even if we take the electric engine into consideration I would be more convinced towards Detroit Electric SP:01.

ID civic_eg6_94

2013-09-21 19:22
I think it's more of a Tesla Roadster since this one supposed to be that hybrid sports car.
CA car-dude44

2013-08-14 19:26
The Tesla Roadster is based on the Lotus Elise, so the look of the Elise for the electric car is logical. There is the Detroit Electric SP:01 that\'s also based on the Lotus Elise and looks a lot more like it than the Tesla:


2013-08-14 12:59
Oh, and the company may also make some more Tesla based vehicles, that might explain the name.
PL Tycek

2013-08-13 21:26
It may be electric, but the body looks like almost exact copy of Lotus Elise.
US carcrasher88

2013-08-13 20:59
Now having seen the front and rear, plus the name and manufacturer, I'm starting to think this is a Tesla Roadster with a Lotus nose.

I mean, look at the manufacturer, Coil, and it's logo...obvious parody of Tesla Motors and referencing the Tesla coil.

The name, Voltic, also seems to lean towards the Tesla as well. I mean, seriously...VOLTic...
NO Glenni91

2013-06-07 13:35
There's also the blue one, seen at rockstar's own site, which honestly makees it look more like a mid engine Porsche if anything, like a Carrera.
US carcrasher88

2013-05-07 23:50
New shot of it jumping off a highway bridge (ala Plumber's Skyway from GTA IV).

PL hamisxa

2013-05-05 23:35
Looks more like the Hennessey Venom GT but as short as the Elise.
So basically it's a Lotus Elise with a little different body and lights.
US GTAmaniac

2012-11-23 12:26
It reminds me of the Vortex from the saints row series
US mr.mopar69

2012-11-13 05:59
Tesla Roadster?
US carcrasher88

2012-11-13 03:50
Based on the front end, it's a pre-facelifted Type M117 (2002-09) with the indicator light moved to the primary headlight housing.
US Ragref

2012-11-13 03:36

US NismoR35

2012-11-09 23:26
carcrasher88 wrote
Replaced the Elise? No way is the Evora an Elise/Exige replacement. The Evora is in a totally different class than the Elise. The Elise is sort of in a class of it's own, and primarily I4 powered, while the Evora is V6, in the same class as the Porsche Cayman.

*Shrugs* What the guys kept telling me, however I still see the Elises at the Lotus dealer up here, so yeah.
US carcrasher88

2012-11-09 23:12
Replaced the Elise? No way is the Evora an Elise/Exige replacement. The Evora is in a totally different class than the Elise. The Elise is sort of in a class of it's own, and primarily I4 powered, while the Evora is V6, in the same class as the Porsche Cayman.

US NismoR35

2012-11-09 19:53

me too

..but is it sold in the US ?

Ever since it came out, it's replaced the Elise, but you don't see much driving around in the states.

2012-11-09 19:51
Gijs571 wrote
I'd say a Lotus Evora

me too

..but is it sold in the US ?
NL Gijs571

2012-11-09 07:13
I'd say a Lotus Evora

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