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You get to cringe every time you read this name the same as I do, You're welcome.

I have been making too many mistakes and not concentrating lately :/

The user formally known as 'Maxine' Why did I start up a generic new profile with a cartoon name? Skip to the bottom to see the reasoning but... Who really cares?


Research Research

I shall always at-least look into a car a little before making a -cough- \'Random\' suggestion of what it might be, Looking up cars, car history, and finding new interesting and unusual models from years gone by is one of the best parts!
DISCLAIMER: I am not a car Expert. I will look up and research as much as I can from the webs, and physical car books I have, But if I make a mistake do not be afraid to tell me, Hey I\'m here to learn too.

And Still the same, My aim here is to help inform, educate, and just be a part of this community.

If I see an argument break out I shall try my best to look into it and give a fair unbiased opinion on whatever is going on to At-least try and help resolve it.

Twilicorn Checklist

There is no shame in being wrong.
If someone proves you wrong it is best to just say \'OK, Cool, You found something I did not know\' It never helps just to argue for the sake of argument.

here is how I personally look up a car, There is no right and wrong way to do it, But this is what I do.

1. If I see a car I think I know I look it up. Sometimes we remember things wrong and cars may not look how we remember them looking.

2. If I do look up a car I think I know and it turns out looking completely different from what my memory serves, Then I look into similar cars to that you might just happen to strike gold there.

3. Some cars are completely made up, To me, it seems silly trying to label them as being the closest to something. I usually just leave these alone.

4. What country is the game in? Not all games stick completely prototypical but it often helps to think about this before posting, If you see a German military truck, Its likely not going to be a ZiL, likewise an American taxi is probably not a Holden, I always keep this in mind.

5. I NEVER Just type a name, if I see a car that looks, vaguely like a Porsche, I won't just type Porsche 911! I hope some people will take to at-least thinking for a moment before spurting out a random name, It's not a contest to see who can name something first.

The end.
Check here in the future for silly doodles and other random junk.

An answer to above question, Why after years did I make a new account?
Well as Maxine, I am associated with some communities also it originally came from the name \'Mad_Maxine\' that was of course based on the Mad Max movies, However lots of time has passed and the movie has been rebooted totally against what I always argued Mad Max was. I wish to Kind of Reboot myself, and you can see I have put effort into Actually typing more properly.
Also, I'm a freakin pegisister, and this gives me a more fun, role-play-ish way of interacting here, I figured the name is something Twilicorn would have found funny. so yes.
It boils down to, I resigned up again because.. I\'m a dork, I like ponies, I like cars, I\'m bored of my name.