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whats up ya big succs its ye boi cantusecapslocktosavemylife here
im some 23 year old fucc living in Victoria that had account here
Friends with hqmonaro1972(rip) icanhazsandman(rip) and djw
djw lives here but jack and rekord are out in queensland

when i upload pictures again it’ll probably be no more room in hell skybox cars and then ill leave the others to davin
or maybe ill do it myself I have no fucking idea

if im not here its likely im being a dip somewhere on steam or with my friends
my motorized transportation is a white 1995 falcon ute and i plan on getting a fpv car at some point soon
my first car was a red gmc safari that I traded for the falcon

i have no point being here other than to contribute
probably gonna do what left that can be done for no more room in hell as said or fix other stuff with DJW we’ll never know