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Favourite Cars: Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla Saloon, Ford Crown Vic, Rover 75 and Tesla Model S
Favourite Fictional Cars: (beamNG) ETK 800 Series, Cherrier Vivace | (Halo) Uberchassis | (JC3) 13 Vigueur, Stira Joia, Stira Gioco, Windhund 4, Autostraad D90, Stria kavala | (JC4) Pirsa Viento SUV | (Crackdown series) Commuter 2, Estate, Agency Supercar | (GTAIV) Dilettante ,Beater Emporer, Paitroit, Fortune, Pinnacle, Merit, Soliar and Perennial
Least Favourite: A lot of SUVs/Crossovers, Tesla Cybertruck and ATV