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Profile for user carcrazedalex586 - Country: South Africa

Hello, my name is Alex and I am from South Africa. I'm not like any South African. I know a lot about cars and I speak American English, although I am not from North America. One other language I speak is Afrikaans, my first language. So I am not a native English speaker. I am learning Japanese as my third language, so I can read katakana and hiragana, but not many kanji. Hence by my name, I am car-crazed, and I am furry-crazed as well.

I have two warnings, so I gotta be careful what I say. I make sure to not write any comments with insults or anything, but I do call people idiots.

Real name: Alexander Daniel Roodt
DOB: May 9, 2002 (Zodiac sign Taurus, same as that of my friend, K20Lover199!)
Likes: Furries (mostly fox and wolf furries), cars (JDM FOR LYF), racing games
Dislikes: IGCD wars, mean people, local South African cars (especially South African minibus taxis, Chinese cars and other third-world cars)


Alex the Gaming Boy
Michael DeHeus


Burn Rubber (He insulted me during Vexter wars, and that was when he revealed the truth about what he thought about me)
alanthegamerpro1 (He wrote "kys" when I said saying LazyTown is an anime is cringy. I flipped out about this, then he called me a crybaby. He was blocked, luckily.)

My favorite cars:

-2004 Honda Civic Type-R (EP3) (UK version)
-2006 Honda Civic Si Coupe (FG2)
-2000 Honda Accord Euro-R (CL1)
-2000 Honda Accord SiR Wagon (CE4)

My favorite fictional cars:

-FlatOut 2 Vexter XS (I like its looks, not its performance)
-Ridge Racer Unbounded Wolfseye GT
-Level-R/Heat Online Lexon Blaze (Fictionalized EP3, I would drive it all the time in the game if it was still online)

Favorite countries:

-United Kingdom
-South Korea
-New Zealand

Least favorite countries:

-North Korea
-South Africa (I am not so proud of my country, too high crime rates)

Find me on other sites:

-YouTube (Kaido Alex):
-DeviantArt (KaidoBattleFan2002):
-FurAffinity (KaidoBattleFan2002):
-Skype: carcrazedalex
-Facebook (Alexander Roodt):