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I am the main administrator of IMCDb (, and as I also like car games I come to this site from time to time. But here I am not the webmaster, not even an admin, just a visitor :)

I never had a console, so I played mostly on PC.

The first game that I played is Test Drive, very long time ago. At that time games were only in 4 colors :D

I am "old" (born in 1980, which is old for video games) so the games that I played the most are old, as they are from when I had more time to play (:cry:)

My favourite car games are:

- Destruction Derby (the original one)
- Carmageddon and especially Carmageddon II. I also played to the TDR2000 (3rd) version, but it is not as good as the 2nd one. Recently I also played to the new Reincarnation, which is fun and brings back the good memories of the old ones.

In relatively recent games (more than 10 years though), I really liked "DTM Race Driver" (= "TOCA Race Driver" in some countries) that I played a lot when it was released. I also liked the old "TOCA 2 Touring Cars".

I remember that I really liked to play to "The Need for Speed", as well as the 3rd, 4th and 5th/Porsche version of that game.
Before that I also played a lot to "Stunts" (= "4D sports driving").
Another old game that I liked is "Network Q RAC Rally Championship". Later I played to Colin McRae Rally for some time. But after that I switched to TOCA series (that I mentionned above), as I actually prefered the races on roads rather than gravel/mud/snow races.

In the end, in this I don't play much anymore except DTM Race Driver and Carmageddon II that I still liked despite its age.
So I came to the conclusion that Carmageddon II is really my favourite car game. My other favourite game being Transport Tycoon Deluxe, the first one being an even older game, that I still play... There is also Simcity 4 that I played a lot in the latest years.