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Profile for user Zordid - Country: Germany

Hey there!

As I finally managed to set up an account I will take care of unknown/unidentified cars and help where ever I can.

I have a passion for racing games (especially the Burnout series) and still play Burnout Paradise regularly, I think I'm quite good at it^^

As you may have noticed I'm German (Ob du es glaubst oder nicht).... so my English may not be perfect every time but I will try my best :D

What I like:
- American & Australian made muscle cars from the 60s and 70s
- British sportscars
- Cars made by Lancia before 1990
- The Dodge Viper
- The DeLorean DMC-12 (<3)
- Pink Floyd & old music in general

What I hate:
- How Rockstar Games is treating GTA (GTA Online is a fucking insult to the series)
- Microtransactions in Triple-A games
- EA Games and how they treat their developers
- Microsoft (sometimes)
- Microsoft and Turn10 for simply removing SS badges and Volkswagen cars from Forza for the sake of political correctness
- Fast & Furious