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Need for Speed: Undercover (Ingame action shots - TBD)
Shutokou Battle - NEW Photos (TBD)

Canadian and proud, and also has a large passion for cars. For over 17 years, I have been playing car games on just about every console and handheld that I have gotten my hands on.

My passion for cars is nearly unlimited. Whether it be small cars, large cars, round, rectangular, fast, slow, or anything in between, there's no limit into what I'll like. If it gives a fun driving experience, video game or not, I will always look brightly upon it.

I also happen to make Let's Plays of MANY racing games over at my YouTube channel, "HGCentral". Warning, plenty of dumb memes and silly shenanigans ahead. -

PSN: Bloodythunder
Skype: bloodythunderx