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Hi there! :) I love video games and cars, so I combine them into a really nice passion. However, I don't think I will enter so often this site, as my number 1 hobby is collecting model cars, at different scales. I am a big fan of classic and old-timer cars. Here are some of my favourites: Jag E-type, Lotus Elan (which I also have at 1/18 scale), Austin Mini Cooper, Merc 300SL, Cadillac V16 and many, many others... ;) I also like modern cars, especially small ones (like new Renault Twingo, Mini Cooper 2011, Fiat 500 and others...) I don't pretty much like the cars from the '90s. However, my dream car would be (as I don't own one) a Citren Saxo from 2001 (I think). It is cute, small and it represents everything I need. If I had money, I would buy a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. :D The brand that I personally like is Jaguar. Other hobbies: photographing, cycling. That's all for now!
Thank you for visiting my profile and excuse me for my language mistakes.