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Ay-up all. I may be new to this but I doubt that I will upload pictures onto here. My camera doesn't take pictures very well off my TV. I'll try my best to but brace yourself for further developments.

I always liked in-game cars, trying to work out they are based on. I own:
All the GTAs, waiting for V, who isn't???
Saints Row 2, trying to get The Third
Both Mafias
Most of the Driver series
True Crime NYC
All Destroy All Humans! Simply EPIC!!
The Simpsons Hit & Run, it's a bloody good laff
Canis Canem Edit (Bully), latin for "dog eat dog"
Both Mercenaries, they're an arseache to complete
As well as others that I couldn't be bothered to dig out

Speaking as a Briton, I do prefer the European cars to our Yankee cousins' autmoblies. Fan of Bentleys and Rolls-Royces, as well as Rovers, Mercendes, Beemers. But I like the classic American cars, like Cameros, Corevettes, and Lincolns. I find it a damn shame that GM axed Pontiac and dropped Saab. The Saab is dead, long live Saab! Because I live in damp England, it's a bit silly cruising around a Corvette on the A33 southbound, just outside of Basingstoke.

Outside of the vitural world, I'm passing my exams to further myself in the real world, I only play games in my spare time.