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Hello. I've discovered the site since 2008 and plan on fixing some old games because they're no longer up to date. Because of the changed rules, I've done at least 200 replacement shots.

Pages I'm currently working on:
-Crackdown (almost complete - just need surnames and the Agency Truck)
-Burnout Revenge, 360 version (only traffic shots and a few playable cars so far)
-Saints Row (almost there - I've got the rest at a later date)
-Saints Row: The Third (Will replace HUD shots with closer shots)

Pages I plan on fixing in the next few months (at least 3-6 months):
-Stuntman: Ignition (needs better shots overall, as well as adding missing surnames)
-Saints Row IV (Missing DLC cars)
-Burnout Paradise (needs additional views)
-Just Cause 2 (missing rear shots)
-Just Cause (lots of pre-release shots and inconsistency)
-Army of Two (Wasn't added; it had a burned truck, some cars and three SUVs)

Warning: Just to be sure, I have zero tolerance to trolls. I want the site to be troll-free, effective immediately.

In addition to this, I'll also do guides because the old IGCD used to have them back in 2006.

I'll trust these members who will do their part to ID cars and respect other members, not trolls. I will not add people I hate due to risks to getting banned.

People I trust:
And several more.

I'll be back...