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My name is Martin, I am currently 23 and I am the main administrator of IGCD along with Rinspeed. Together, we brought the website up and currently run it. We both originated from IMCDB, where it became a common demand for the inclusion of video games, so a few months later, not to mention much work for us to get it up, IGCD was born. My interests, as you would have guessed already, are mainly centered on cars (movie car chases and crashes in particular), games and Star Wars, with my favourite game franchises including, GTA, Driver, Burnout, Gran Turismo etc. Here is a list of the consoles that I have owned over time:

Commodore 64
Playstation 2
Playstation 3

Enjoy our site and have fun!

I also currently write for Gamer Limit, an independent website where I post news articles and reviews of the latest games - my profile detailing all of my written articles can be found here.

I am also working on an upcoming machinima car chase project entitled Collateral Collision - view the trailer here.