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Profile for user RussianRacer9 - Country: Russia

- Hey, Hi guys! -

- I love this site and try to help identify unknown vehicles. -

- Also I really like American trucks, this is the art, refers to the truck as it is done in the United States. -

- Modern cars interest me less, because I stayed in the 50-60, when the auto industry was the coolest. :) -

- And I'm one of those guys who really likes the police cars. -

Online at:(Moscow Time)

NYC Time:

- And here I put a list of my favorite cars. -

Freightliner Classic

Western Star 4900

Kenworth W-900

Pontiac Firebird Trans-AM Bandit Edition

1959 Chevrolet Impala

Dodge RAM

1959 Cadillac

Renault Sandero

Dodge Diplomat

Dodge Charger General Lee

- Lastly, I wish everyone to find his game and vehicle on the website. -

- Good Day ! -