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So, you've stumbled upon my humble profile. I do hope you enjoy your stay...

You can call me Mel, or Chris if you prefer, seeing as that's my real name. Since I was a kid I've been able to tell cars apart from one another by their design, as well as identify makes and models of cars on the road as they drove by. Given these credentials, I thought I might just fit right in on this site, and perhaps even be somewhat helpful in identifying vehicles within video games. We'll just have to wait and see. I almost feel like I'm filling out a job application at this point so yeah... cars. I love cars. I always have, but I'm especially fond of classic, full-size American luxury cars. What can I say? Land yachts are my forte.

I've been an avid gamer for years now, and Grand Theft Auto is quite possibly my favorite series of video games on the market. I remember when I first played GTA: Vice City back in the early 2000s and fell in love. I've taking a liking to that open world drive-and-shoot-them-up format of games, so you can bet I'm also a fan of games and game series that are designed with similar gameplay elements akin to GTA as well. Examples include the Driver series, Just Cause, LA Noire, Mafia, Saints Row, Watch Dogs and so on.

Favorite car in real life: Gotta be the 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. It's not a practical car. It's not an eco-friendly car. It's not a fast car. It's not a well-handling car. And I don't care. What it is... is sheer motoring bliss, much like a lot of other big old luxobarges from that era. I lust for a big car with a soft ride that irons out all bumps in the road, featuring a comfortable, roomy interior with seating for up to six adults, enough trunk space for their luggage, and classy styling that says "this is a comfortable, illustrious automobile." The kind of car they simply don't make any more. A pleasant car. That'll do me just fine, thank you.

Favorite car in a video game: I assume this would imply a fictitious vehicle created for the game instead of an actual licensed vehicle that exists in reality, so... given my taste in cars, I gotta go with the Albany Emperor from GTA IV and GTA V unless I can think of something better. It's based on a late '70s Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham or Sedan DeVille, so naturally I simply adore it. The only thing about that car I'm not a fan of is the interior. Rockstar makes a great game and all, but the interiors of most of the cars in GTA games are just copy/pasted into one another. This wouldn't have bothered me all that much if the Emperor's interior actually looked luxurious. Sadly, it just has a generic "old car" interior that isn't really anything special. Regardless, that's probably just me nitpicking. I digress, the Emperor is a lovely automobile and I'm having a hard time thinking of another car I'd rather cruise around in while playing an HD era GTA game.

*Looks up* I think I've discovered a new talent... Rambling on and on in the form of gratuitously gigantic walls of text. If you managed to slash your way through this jungle of nonsensical drivel with the machete that is your ability to read, kudos to you! I'll be sure to sift through certain games on this site that I'm interested in and leave a comment here or there about a car or two as I see fit. IGCD, hopefully my two cents is worth your time.