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Hi my name is Scott and I am a big fan Video Games, Movies, Anime, Computers,
Cars and Aircraft.

Here is a List Of Systems I own

Nintendo Systems

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Unfortunately I do not own a Working NES
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It Also acts as my Super Famicom since I have removed the tabs and it was
originally one of my Godfather's Daughter's video game consoles.
Nintendo 64. Originally one of my Brother's video game consoles.
Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo Wii U. It also acts as my Wii and Wii U games I did own a Original
Wii, but that was one my brother's video game systems.

Microsoft Systems

Xbox (The Original). Used to be one of my brother's video game consoles and I have played it alot, but i don't own the Xbox 360 and that's because i chose the Playstation 3 instead.

Sega Systems

Sega Genesis. Model 2, I do no own any of the Add-ons for it and used to be my one of my Brother's
video game consoles.
Sega Saturn. My mother bought me one for Christmas on eBay. I enjoyed it and it is
one of my greatest systems in my library, but I only have 5 games for it

Sony Systems

Playstation 1. I used to own a Playstation 1 years ago and I had
bought another one January this year, but it has trouble reading discs
Playstation 2. Also acts as my Playstation 1 because the Playstation 2 is backwards compatible with PS1 Games
Playstation 3. The system I used the most recently and chose it because i was a big fan of Sony

Handheld Systems

Nintendo Gameboy. One of the original models not the Game Boy pocket or Game Boy light
it was originally one of my brother's video game consoles and then I had it many
years ago and I still own it.
Nintendo Gameboy Advance. My first true handheld system I only own the original
model and not the Game Boy Advance SP.
Nintendo DS. I used to own the original, but that broke down and then I bought
a Nintendo DS lite and I still used it today even tough it has aged since 2008.
Sony Playstaion Portable (PSP). I owned 3 PSP systems I first owned a black
PSP and that had speaker problems and then I owned a PSP slim which was
silver and I used it was used for a long time and the screen broke and then
I bought another black PSP last year in the end of December and it worked
perfectly and that is the one I am currently using now.
Sega Game Gear. I wanted one, but they were too expensive
on ebay and then I went to a flea market in Mahone bay
and I saw one there and I decided to buy it for 10 dollars
and it has worked perfectly, but the only downsides are
that it dosen't have very good battery life and I don't own
many games for it and now I have to buy a Sega Nomad which
is a handheld Sega Genesis, but they were too expensive on ebay
and if you have one that you don't want anymore please
send me one and the address is here bellow just don't allow
any stalkers or cyberbullies to know my Street Address.
Nintendo Game Boy Color. My Aunt got me one for christmas along with
Jobs the movie and 3 Sega Saturn games.

Here is my mailing address if you want to send stuff to me
and I don't allow stalkers or cyberbullies.

RR2 Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
80 Front Centre Road

Note: The only reason I put my street address there
is because I want people to send me computers and PDAs,
Video Games, Video Game Consoles, Movies on any video
format and any Collectible Items that don't
have yet in my collection. In case if you are
wondering the street is only there so people can send me
items in the mail and also I do not want hookers or any strangers
coming into my house.