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Profile for user K20lover199 - Country: Canada

A proud IGCD member and slight contributor since September 2016.

A proud car enthusiast since birth, and for life.

I'm a real Honda Fanboy and am proud of it.

My all time favorite car is the Honda Integra Type-R DC5.

My Favorite Games are:

Watch Dogs
Race Driver Grid
Need for Speed Series(TNFS-Carbon,HP2010)
Gran Turismo 1 to 4

My Not So favorite games:

Gran Turismo 6: Gran Turismo 5.1 with more cars, tracks, and a different interface.
NFS The Run: Bad Physics, Bad Story, biggest disappointment of 2011
Big Rigs Over the Road Racing: No, just No!
Any recent big corporate mobile game with the most freemium, greedy, money hungry, claw machine gameplay I have EVER experienced. NFS No Limits, Asphalt 8, I'm talking to you!

Now lets hope we get along and we will all be just fine.