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When looking for some racing game screenshots in Summer 2010, I stumbled upon this website. I occasionally visited it to see the full car list on a few games in order to see if I had unlocked everything. It wasn't until about a year later when I took an interest into seeing what this website didn't have, and finally struck up the courage on December 28th 2011 to sign up. My first uploaded game was Formula One 2001, which, when I get around to it, will post replacement screenshots. Now, I may post old video games, but you'll certainly be surprised at my age. 17. That's it. No typo, I genuinely am that young. I have been playing video games since I was 7 years old, and my first racing game was Toca Touring Car Championship for PS1, shortly followed by F1 98 and Destruction Derby 2. Since then, I now own a PS2, a PSP, a GBA, a GBC, 2 PS1s, and a DS Lite. I own hundreds of video games, mainly racing but a few of my games are from other genres. As of August 2012, I have posted over 400 cars. If you want to contact me, here is my email address and Youtube Account:
Youtube Account: AlexGRFan97
P.S Any other ItsaUserName's you come across on the internet aren't me. I only use this nick for this website. I thought of it in around 5 seconds.
IGCD as of 2014 (my profile protest regarding the differing treatment of members):

This will stay until:
lcpdcv gets a proper chance at staying here rather than getting banned every time he says something vaguely controversial
Martin07 gets banned for good instead of being allowed to have 50 accounts
People stop throwing fits whenever their images are criticised
Images of vehicles are allowed regardless of hacks (ESPECIALLY my GTASA interior shots. I spent 2 hours working on those, and contrary to popular belief, they are slightly different. It's not the same interior on every vehicle. Also, if my shots are not allowed, then how come the models for the video games entitled Autobahn and SWAT 4 are viewed in a model viewer? Shouldn't that constitute a hack?