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Profile for user GeoZR177 - Country: USA

I am GeoZR177 I have been a user of the site since 2008 and and a member since 2010

I at present play on the Xbox One
have played on PS1, PS2, Gameboy, PC, Arcade and Xbox 360

As a car enthusiast my whole and find all forms of cars from subcompacts to supercars to big rigs to have their own special merits and achievements.
I personally reserve a place in my heart for American Muscle (both classic and modern) as well as trucks and SUVs even though I drive a Camry.

Update:I no longer own the 05 Camry I now drive an 11 Accord.

Personal favorite games are:
Burnout 3: Takedown
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
Just Cause series
Saints Row series
Grand Theft Auto series
Driver series

Feel free to ask me about whatever :)