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Profile for user CarCrazedAlex586 - Country: South Africa

Hello, my name is Alex and I am from South Africa. I'm not like any South African. I know a lot about cars and I speak American English, although I am not from North America. One other language I speak is Afrikaans, my first language. I am learning Japanese as my third language, so I can read katakana and hiragana, but not many kanji.

My IGCD projects:

-The Sims Bustin' Out (cars missing)
-Alarm für Cobra 11: Highway Nights (cars missing and others need redone pictures)

My favorite REAL cars:

-2004 Honda Civic Type-R
-2006 Honda Civic Si Coupe
-2013 Opel Astra OPC

My favorite FICTIONAL cars:

-Wolfseye GT (Ridge Racer: Unbounded)
-Sport C190 Super (Burnout Revenge)