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Hey there!
My name is Josh and I'm 16 years old. I live in Warwickshire, England.
I have been into cars since a very young age and my interest and knowledge has only grown further. I have attended the BTCC every year since 2012 (except 2016) at Silverstone, and only recently at Rockingham in 2017. I have also booked Rockingham tickets for the 2018 season. My dad also took me to see Stock Car racing in Coventry, which was a blast. (And for any Americans out there, it is NOT NASCAR!)

My favourite cars:
Aston Martin Vulcan and DB11
W Motors Lykan and Fenyr Supersport
Pagani Huayra BC and Zonda R
Dodge Challenger Hellcat
Ford Mustang GT350R

My favourite unlicensed game cars:
Hunter Spur (Burnout Paradise)
Hanzo Indus V8R (Split Second Velocity)
Hunter Takedown 4x4 (Burnout Paradise)
Carson Extreme Hot Rod (Burnout Paradise)
This car from Trackmania turbo www.igcd.net/images/073/115.jpg
Zenden Cup (DiRT Showdown)
Holbrook Growler (DiRT Showdown)
Logan Vulture (DiRT Showdown)
Lombardi 336LM (DiRT Showdown)
Watson 25 V16 Revenge (Burnout Paradise)

My consoles (including past ones)
XBOX 360
PS2 (deceased)
PS1 (deceased)
DS (deceased)

My games (including their respective consoles and past ones)
Forza Horizon 3 (XBOX ONE S)*
Forza Motorsport 7 (XBOX ONE S)*
Forza Motorsport 5 (XBOX ONE S)
Assetto Corsa (XBOX ONE S)
Project Cars 2 (XBOX ONE S)
Need for Speed (XBOX ONE S)
Need for Speed Payback (XBOX ONE S)
Burnout Paradise Remastered (XBOX ONE S)
Split Second Velocity (XBOX ONE S)
Crossout (XBOX ONE S)*
Fortnite (XBOX ONE S) (Deleted)*
Roblox (XBOX ONE S) (Deleted)
Gravel (XBOX ONE S)
Baja:Edge of Control (XBOX 360)*
Battlestations Pacific (XBOX 360)
Burnout Paradise (XBOX 360)
Burnout Revenge (XBOX 360)
Blur (XBOX 360)
Colin McRae DiRT (XBOX 360)
DiRT 2 (XBOX 360)
DiRT 3 (XBOX 360)
DiRT Showdown (XBOX 360)
Driver San Francisco (XBOX 360)
F1 2011 (XBOX 360)
F1 2012 (XBOX 360)
Forza Motorsport 2 (XBOX 360)
Forza Motorsport 3 (XBOX 360)
Forza Motorsport 4 (XBOX 360)*
Forza Horizon (XBOX 360)
Forza Horizon 2 (XBOX 360)
Grid (XBOX 360)
Grid 2 (XBOX 360)
Grid Autosport (XBOX 360)
Import Tuner Challenge (XBOX 360)
Lego Jurassic World (XBOX 360)
Lego Marvel Superheroes (XBOX 360)
Lego Movie The Video Game (XBOX 360)
Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga (XBOX 360)
Minecraft (XBOX 360)
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 (XBOX 360)
Need for Speed Rivals (XBOX 360)
Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 (XBOX 360)
Need for Speed Shift (XBOX 360)
Shift 2 Unleashed (XBOX 360)
Project Gotham Racing 4 (XBOX 360)*
Ridge Racer 6 (XBOX 360)
Stuntman Ignition (XBOX 360)
SEGA Rally Revo (XBOX 360)
Tintin Secret of the Unicorn (XBOX 360)
Transformers Dark of the Moon (XBOX 360)
Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark (XBOX 360)
WRC 2010 (XBOX 360)
WRC 2 (XBOX 360)
Enthusia Professional Racing (PS2)
Gran Turismo 3 (PS2)*
Gran Turismo Concept (PS2)*
Sonic Heroes (PS2)
Toca Race Driver 2 (PS2)
Colin McRae Rally 04 (PS2)
WRC 2001(PS2)
Transformers The Game (PS2)
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (PS2)
The Incredibles (PS2)
Mr Bean (PS2)
Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) (Deceased)
Need for Speed Underground (PS2) (Unknown, lost maybe?)
Toca World Touring Cars (PS1)
Shrek Treasure Hunt (PS1)
Monsters Inc. (PS1)
Rugrats (PS1) (I was 5 OK!)
Gran Turismo (PSP)
F1 2009 (PSP)
Burnout Dominator (PSP)
Motorstorm Arctic Edge (PSP)
Asphalt Urban GT (DS) (Lost)
Nintendogs (DS) (played once and lost it)
Bunnyz (DS) (I was 7)
Transformers Autobots (DS) (Lost)
A TT game card with over 100 games. The ones I remember are Asphalt urban Gt 2 and Transformers Decpticons. I lost the whole card though.
I also play Real Racing 3* on my phone (totally not a modded version. shhh) and Gear Club on my I Pad

Check out my YouTube!:Xtraterrestrialmk2
XBOX GT: Boneface21
Forza Horizon 3 Club: The XtraT Crew (XTM2)
Real Racing 3 Crew: The XtraT Crew (XTM2)

Hopefully I'll see you there!

P.S the * indicates the games that have featured in my channel so far.

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