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Profile for user BossMustang - Country: United Kingdom / England

I am a fairly new user (Sept 2017), and I am proud to join the igcd community. I play Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, and iOS. I am very quick at identifying cars as I have been interested since 3 years old. 12 years later, research and a lot of books has helped my knowledge and interest grow.
My best friend is buickgenesis. He is a new user like me.
My Favourite cars
1.) ANY Aston
2.) pretty much any Exotic Hypercar
3.) Luxury Sedan/Saloons (BMW 5, Mercedes E etc.)
5.) JDM. (2J's, RB's and Rotaries :-)
6.) European Coupes (Audi TT, BMW M2 and M4 etc.)
7.) Hot hatches (Ford Focus rs, vw golf r a45 amg etc.)
8.) Vintage Classics ( E type, Porsche etc.)
9.) American Muscle (Z06, Gt350r etc.)
10.) British Track things (bac mono, Ariel atom etc.)

My Favourite games on each of my Consoles

XBOX 360
1.) Forza Horizon 2
2.) NFS Rivals
3.) Forza Motorsport 4
4.) GRID Autosport
5.) DiRT 3

1.) Gran Turismo 3
2.) Enthusia: Professional Racing
3.) Transformers The Game
4.) Toca Race Driver 2
5.) Colin McRae 04

1.) Real Racing 3
2.) GT Racing 2
3.) Motor World Car Factory
4.) Mopar Drag n Brag
5.) No Limit Drag Racing

PSP (I only have 4 games)
1.) Motorstorm Arctic Edge
2.) Gran Turismo
3.) Burnout Dominator
4.) F1 2009

That Basically Sums me up.

edit: Now I have a XBOX ONE S with Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels, Forza Motorsport 7, Forza Motorsport 5, DiRT Rally and Need For Speed 2015.