Did Stories (2018)

Type: Racing

Developer: Apposite Studio

Publisher: ?

Platforms: Android

Damageable vehicles: Yes


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    RU Belich photo_librarymode_comment

    2021-12-21 07:27
    The game was created under the influence of the car subculture / fandom "Pazny Izh" which appeared on the VK social network.
    "Pazniy Izh" combines love and irony (joke,mock) for old Soviet and Russian cars.
    Slang names of cars are widely used, I will explain under the screenshots

    The correct name of the game in English is "Did Stories"
    Did (from Russian "ded" - "grandfather") is an old man who owns an old car, with his own philosophy and colossal experience in driving and repairing a car.
    However, it may just be a absurd old man who does not want to sell his "retro car" to stupid young men and his car rusts in the yard

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    2021-12-21 09:11:11
    RU random_username photo_librarymode_comment

    2021-11-19 09:31
    *Дида, а не Дид

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