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Project Gotham Racing 3, Racing, 2005

6.91/10 (11 votes)

Developer: Bizarre Creations, Ltd.

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Damageable vehicles: Yes

Tracks or places: view them

XBox 360

Pictures for this video game were provided by: GroupB

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Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2007-08-20 16:43

The Project Gotham Racing series made its mark as one of the Xbox 360's premiere launch titles, featuring advanced graphics but with arcade handling. It also continued to feature damage modeling unlike Gran Turismo, but the third iteration contained a photo mode much like that of Gran Turismo 4. However, I actually preferred the car lineup in Project Gotham Racing 2 since it had a better variety in comparison to catering almost solely to exotic cars.

-- Last edit: 2007-08-20 16:43:43

Rinspeed FR (1119)

2007-08-20 17:14

There arent pack on the net with others cars?

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2007-08-20 19:12

Yes, these are marked as unlockable but the page isn't complete as of yet.


2007-09-15 10:09

On the back it says every car can go over 170MPH, so why is there a Mini Cooper S here?


2010-07-21 21:32

@crazyforcars12: Because they were desperate. Much would have prefered a Spectre R42 instead.

Ritsu Tainaka US (28)

2010-08-24 19:04

You forgot the Ford GT90

Takumi FR (402)

2010-08-24 20:51

missing some cars yes

J-2 ES (667)

2010-08-24 21:43

I can upload the GT-90 if nobody can.

Takumi FR (402)

2010-08-25 01:42

all my pics are from editor, you can delete and replace all :)

-- Last edit: 2010-08-25 01:44:03

J-2 ES (667)

2010-08-25 02:22

OK, i´ll do it!

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2010-08-25 02:23

Do you not have this game J-2? It's a shame it still remains incomplete today.

J-2 ES (667)

2010-08-25 11:58

Yes, i have it.

I´ll do that, complete the game and replace takumi´s pictures.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2010-08-25 18:16

Then there are just two Proejct Gothams left to complete ;)

J-2 ES (667)

2010-09-09 20:20

Bought all the DLC! As i supossed, they are dirty cheap now, so i´ll be able to make shots for them too.

The bad news are, the PGR3 web is down for uploading propurses, so i´m forced to make pics to my TV, but with my brand new camera the quality remains almost the same.

Antti-san FI (37)

2010-09-27 02:13

This page is still missing all the RUFs and the Nismo Z-Tune.

J-2 ES (667)

2010-09-27 12:48

I know. I´m still playing the game in order to unlock all the cars.

Antti-san FI (37)

2010-09-28 06:12

J-2 wrote I know. I´m still playing the game in order to unlock all the cars.

No rush, I'm just saying. :p

J-2 ES (667)

2011-02-21 16:59

A note just in case, this game is on hold until i buy my capture card, i´m tired about rubbish quality uploads...

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2011-02-21 18:08

I look forward to when you do, I imagine you'll be on fire :p

J-2 ES (667)

2011-02-21 18:20

Yes :D

Antti-san FI (37)

2011-02-21 19:23

J-2 wrote A note just in case, this game is on hold until i buy my capture card, i´m tired about rubbish quality uploads...

You are making me feel so inadequate! :lol: But good luck! ;)

-- Last edit: 2011-02-21 19:24:22

J-2 ES (667)

2011-02-21 19:34

Oh, i was talking about my shots...i didn´t want to mean all are rubbish or something like that

Thanks :)

-- Last edit: 2011-02-21 19:34:39

Antti-san FI (37)

2011-02-21 19:38

No worries, I was just pulling your leg! ;)

J-2 ES (667)

2011-05-13 14:21

James May mode on:

Great News! I finally bought a HD capture card, so expect new pictures for this and Alan Wake, for example...no more pics with my phone to the TV! :D

Antti-san FI (37)

2011-05-13 22:52

Congrats! :D What card did you get BTW?

J-2 ES (667)

2011-05-14 00:49

An AVerMedia AVerTV Capture HD, fully 1080i compatible :D

J-2 ES (667)

2011-05-14 03:02

Also, some months ago, i tried to make pics for FM3 with a non-HD capture card...total fiasco.

That´s the good part. If the compression still exists on Forza 4 pics uploaded to the web, i´ll make FM4 with the capture card as well. The difference can be huge!

-- Last edit: 2011-05-14 03:02:46

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2011-05-14 03:37

Ooo, looking forward to seeing what you can come up with your new card ;)

Personally, I think the Forza 4 images are more than fine as they are right now and it wouldn't be worth all that effort after you already spent so much time on it. Concentrate more on images that need adding/updating :)

J-2 ES (667)

2011-05-14 03:54

Well, i mean the pics for FM4 when it´s released, the +500 cars, don´t worry Martin, in the meantime, i´ll finish what it isn´t yet, and i´ll replace all that have to be replaced ;)

Star Wars Fanatic EN (509)

2011-05-14 20:34

Sorry, I misread that as Forza 3!

Ritsu Tainaka US (28)

2011-12-13 06:25

Complete this page... it would be nice!

J-2 ES (667)

2011-12-13 12:29

Yes, i want to finish this, but i have to finish the game to get all cars, and also, replace all the pics i made, since i didn't own a capture card back then...

Ritsu Tainaka US (28)

2012-08-17 20:03

Missing cars in this page? Tell me if you recgonize them.

GroupB US (563)

2013-11-15 21:12

Microsoft has buried this game. There is no longer any mention of it in the marketplace, and the DLC is long gone.

Neddo BA (2)

2014-07-31 01:44

I have this game and I found DLC for it. I can't find BMWs for example. Are you sure that all downloadable vehicles aren't unlockable?

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