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Gran Turismo 4, Racing, 2004

Developer: Polyphony Digital Inc.

Publisher: ak tronic Software & Services GmbH

Damageable vehicles: No

Tracks or places: view them


Pictures for this video game were provided by: Rinspeed , CrazyCars , Ford78 , Star Wars Fanatic , ItsaUserName , lukegt22 , Road Wars Fanatic

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Graphics and Sound
Vehicle ModelingYour Vote :
Average :
8.38/10 (16 votes)
Landscape/Scenery QualityYour Vote :
Average :
7.88/10 (16 votes)
Weather EffectsYour Vote :
Average :
6.29/10 (14 votes)
Damage SystemYour Vote :
Average :
1.71/10 (7 votes)
Sounds EffectsYour Vote :
Average :
6.75/10 (16 votes)
PlayabilityYour Vote :
Average :
8.5/10 (16 votes)
RealismYour Vote :
Average :
8.56/10 (16 votes)
Artificial Intelligence PerformanceYour Vote :
Average :
7.07/10 (15 votes)
Vehicles VarietyYour Vote :
Average :
9.19/10 (16 votes)
Tracks Variety/Map SizeYour Vote :
Average :
8.63/10 (16 votes)
Solo ModeYour Vote :
Average :
8.69/10 (16 votes)
Multiplayer ModeYour Vote :
Average :
5.33/10 (9 votes)


8.46/10 (13 votes)


Star Wars Fanatic EN (494)

2006-09-15 22:06

At 721 cars, this game is going to be mighty hard to beat for the largest entry on IGCD. This game is perfect for this site, simply because it has a photo mode that you can use to capture your car perfectly and then transfer them to memory stick in order to be submitted to IGCD :D


2006-10-07 22:06

Anyone else find this game a little too difficult?


2006-10-12 22:52

If this isn't the ultimate driving game (and to be honest the ultimate virtual car catalogue), then...yea, it just is to be honest.

Precise, realistic and pretty much perfect. :D


2006-10-16 03:55

Donington wrote Anyone else find this game a little too difficult?

I haven't played it, I'm an Xbox fan (hate PS2s). I think the best racing game is Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. Even though, it seems no where near as perfect as this one. The car damage isn't realisted, and there isn't one product of Ford Motor Company in the whole game. And, all the cars are way over-rated. It is just fun, no other game is as exciting. Project Gotham Racing 2 seems a lot like Grans Turismo 4. Seems to have similar graphics, similar cars and sounds just like it. Just as many cars too. Its SO hard though, I'm only a Novice. And I've been working at it for two years. I've unlocked the best cars already though :D . Ford GT and Ford GT40, Enzo Ferrari and the Ford F-150 SVT Lightening....Clarkson might like this game, he could rant about how bad the F-150 is and praise the GT. :D

Star Wars Fanatic EN (494)

2006-10-16 09:43

Clarkson loves this game, he used it on Top Gear once and also played it a lot at home when he had nothing to do as he couldnt drive because of his injury.


2006-10-26 20:15

I found this game too long, I completed Gran Turismo 1, 2 and 3 in a few months, but I found this just too tiresome to get past even the early stages. The fun factor of the previous is missing for me. Still, can't fault the amazing graphics.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (494)

2007-02-03 00:37

There was also exclusive demo discs for GT4 each advertising a specific car that can now be considered collectors items - there was a BMW 1 series, Toyota Prius and Nissan Micra edition, as well as what appeared to be an exclusive demo that appeared at the NEC Motorshow last year, featuring the new Mazda MX-5.

lastinpurple ES (10)

2007-04-02 18:07

Explorer4X4 wrote
and there isn't one product of Ford Motor Company in the whole game


-- Last edit: 2007-04-08 19:46:33

Rinspeed FR (1254)

2007-05-29 21:32

The last cars that i dont have post pictures (because i havent win them):
If someone have them, please post pictures for finish GT4 cars

- Ford Model T Tourer 1915
- Jay Leno Tank Car 2003
- Lancia Stratos Rally Car 1977
- Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution rally Raid Car 2003
- Mitsubishi Starion 4WD Rally Car 1984
- Subaru Impreza Rally Car 2001 (not the prototype)
- Subaru Impreza WRX STi Prodrive Style 2001
- Suzuki Escudo Dirt Trial Car 1998
- Toyota Celica GT-Four Rally Car ST185 1995

Star Wars Fanatic EN (494)

2007-05-30 21:28

And now the GT4 page is complete :D An historic moment.


2007-09-03 09:38

Congratulations guys, if you can make this page you can make any :D

-- Last edit: 2007-09-03 09:40:02

Star Wars Fanatic EN (494)

2007-09-03 10:26

I doubt the number of cars will be beaten any time soon.


2007-09-03 10:34

Until Gran turismo 5......... Maybe even that has less cars??

Star Wars Fanatic EN (494)

2007-09-03 10:58

I heard there will be less cars since it takes a lot longer to model the cars for GT5 due to the amount of detail, including the new interiors. However, there will be downloadable cars :)

CrazyCars EN (13)

2007-11-25 08:41

SWF i have found a few Unplayable vehicles for you, you don't have to use these picture because of the quality but just to let you know where they are:

A very Strange Fiat Bravo with the rear chopped to make a pick-up, strangely the rear doors have been left :/

At the city track Costa something, (Very narrow track, i think you may of taken the Audi RS6 picture there)the following are from the same track

Toyota Minivan and again a pickup version with the rear doors still in place.

A Ford F-350 Ambulance

Some kind of Bus

And a Mercedes on the Cathedral Rocks Off road circuit

Finally a Nissan on the Special Stage City circuit

Rinspeed FR (1254)

2007-11-25 10:55

It's not a Fiat Bravo but a special Fiat Marea taxi only for Capri.

CrazyCars EN (13)

2007-11-25 11:24

Thats wierd!

CrazyCars EN (13)

2007-12-17 11:36

Doh! Just realised i can insert my memory stick into the PS2 and take my own screenshots...
Star Wars Fanatic, i'll get those unplayable cars.

CrazyCars EN (13)

2007-12-17 18:06

Did anyone notice this sites existance?

J-2 ES (1088)

2007-12-17 22:46

CrazyCars wrote Did anyone notice this sites existance?


Every car in every colour!

That´s sick, but also a so respectable work :)


2007-12-19 22:54

about 818 cars, thats losing count a few times and a rough calculation.

takumi FR (397)

2008-02-01 23:14

le meilleur jeux du siécle mais g toujours préférée gran turismo 2

subzero MY (205)

2008-07-24 12:48

Got this game today. Sadly, there is only 3 camera views and you cant rotate the camera angle. But the good point is, this game have realistic graphic and physics.

subzero MY (205)

2008-08-14 11:52

What was the best car for beginner? I just started this game, and I have CR 10000 only.

I have purchased a Honda Today, but it is really an useless car.

Rinspeed FR (1254)

2008-08-14 12:33

i don't remember, but old skyline or old rx-7?

subzero MY (205)

2008-08-14 12:55

Missing the Infinity G20

subzero MY (205)

2008-08-14 13:31

thanks for the help :) Rinspeed

Neon IT (26)

2008-08-14 14:31

My first car in this game was this:

BeanBandit FI (1)

2008-08-14 19:05

And I always start with white or silver AE86 Corolla Levin, since the first Gran Turismo, actually.

Rinspeed FR (1254)

2008-08-14 22:59

It depends of the game. In Europe, there isn't Infiniti G20, just Nissan.

ShantJ US (9)

2008-08-26 01:13

I really believe all the cars from all the regions should be added: i.e. the Infiniti G20, Scion xA, Scion xB and whatever I can't think of.

CrazyCars EN (13)

2008-08-30 12:27

Gets a 9/10 from me

Road Wars Fanatic IE (3)

2009-04-02 00:09

Neon wrote My first car in this game was this:

Nice, but a Mk2 RX-7 is faster and it was my first car in the game. Gets thumbs up from me :king: :king: :king:

-- Last edit: 2009-10-12 22:50:52


2009-04-20 21:26 That is my first car. because i had gran turismo 3 saved to my memory card, and i had already gotten a f090/s and had 900,000 credits, i started out with 110,000 credits! And my first car was a Trial Celica, at 100,000 credits.

ShantJ US (9)

2009-07-15 19:08

Can we please add ALL of the cars from the different versions, i.e. the Scions? We should list them all, even if it's just a rebadge.


2009-10-01 09:04

i love this game for the amount of cars

Pablo1989 PL (12)

2009-12-25 13:49

Somebody tells how import saves from PC to PS2, :D i finally got this game.

NS3730 HK (7)

2010-05-17 16:55

There're some buses in HK track, who can take the photo?

dodge1970 CA (9)

2010-06-29 15:43

Is it worth buying a PS2 just for this game? They sell pre-owned PS2's for $25 around here and I've always been curious about this game...

dodge1970 CA (9)

2010-07-03 04:17

NVM got a PS2 with this game from a friend for free, just need to wire the PS2 into my home theater :S

schaefft DE (0)

2010-12-12 00:59

Seems like the W210 E-55 AMG is missing.

EDIT: Ah shit, its never been in GT4 :/

-- Last edit: 2010-12-12 21:00:09

Ford78 PT (13)

2010-12-15 19:34

My 3rd Favourite game


2011-04-28 16:05

If this had MAJOR tuning, like decals, put different paint, bodykits, and more wheels. This game would kick any ass in the PS2 world. Who's With me?

Antti-san FI (38)

2011-05-10 10:26

CrazyCars wrote Did anyone notice this sites existance?

Ah, it's gone now! :( Too bad, it was a good reference source...

Lantzs09 CA (9)

2011-06-29 15:31

I had this game. And i loved it

TakuFD3S ID (9)

2011-06-30 06:06

anyone drifts in GT4 or GT5?

Star Wars Fanatic EN (494)

2011-06-30 10:23

Yes, I love drifting in driving games. Here's me drifting in GT5 Prologue where I came eighth in the global rankings at the time:

lukegt22 BR (6)

2012-01-08 14:34
MINI COOPER 1.3i in the Japanese version :/

sphugo PT (0)

2012-01-16 18:25

I added Mini Cooper 1.13,This car is only seen in Japenese version.

mosconstein IT (2)

2012-01-16 21:43

sphugo wrote I added Mini Cooper 1.13,This car is only seen in Japenese version.

ADD missing cars such:
Lexus IS200 GT-1 Race Car '04
Hyundai Tuscani CCS '03
Hyundai Tiburon Turbulence '99
Hyundai Click '04

lukegt22 BR (6)

2012-01-17 07:07

I love gran turismo, I have so far only the GT4 and every day I get new photos in total have 956 and not take long for 1000 hehe :)

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2012-04-11 19:31

Who deleted the Hyundai Click I uploaded and why? It's available in the Korean version of GT4 and isn't copyrighted. :??:

Rinspeed FR (1254)

2012-04-11 20:16

ItsaUserName wrote Who deleted the Hyundai Click I uploaded and why? It's available in the Korean version of GT4 and isn't copyrighted. :??:

i had thinked it's a false car

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2012-04-11 22:39

Rinspeed wrote
i had thinked it's a false car

Well, it's real but only available in the Korean version of GT4. mosconstein posted a comment about these cars on this page.

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2012-04-12 11:06

Ok, I'm uploading all of the Korea-exclusive cars now. Please don't delete.


2012-05-10 06:50

if you win a car in a race like the super bird or chevelle and sell it can you buy it back? i havent done that but im guessing you cant

-- Last edit: 2012-05-10 06:51:42

RacerToni98 HR (2)

2012-07-03 13:58

If you forgot track pictures heres the link:

RacerToni98 HR (2)

2012-07-06 20:09

4 Black cars forgot to add picture!

victorvance DE (313)

2012-10-31 12:51

I think this was the first racing game featuring the Nürburgring.

Shinka Nibutani US (34)

2012-11-21 12:00

Stock Nissan 240RS is missing on this page.

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2013-03-17 10:48

Should I add the BMW, Nissan and other demos as separate games?

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2013-08-09 12:37

Does anyone have the Japanese or USA version of this game so we can add cars such as the Mazda Atenza?

fernando2236 BR (6)

2013-09-05 03:56

hommell berlinette rs2 is missing.

sajmon14 PL (234)

2013-09-05 14:19

there is just RS, no RS2

Razor440 KP (3)

2016-04-20 23:52

Ohhhhhhhhh yeah...the beautiful.

Even more beautiful. :D


carcrazedalex586 ZA (5)

2016-12-27 18:59

My favorite song from this game is "Don't Mean A Thing" by Borialis.

K20lover199 CA (0)

2017-02-04 01:41

uglyman323 wrote I saw this car in GT4 and the car is Kia proceed

so this is probably a fake car which he records the video of the game in any 150hp car and uses Sony Vegas Pro or any tool of editing videos to put a PNG picture of front and rear of the car.

Please don't add this car. It's just a mod, doesn't come with the game.

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