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Need for Speed: Nitro, Racing, 2009

Developer: Electronic Arts Montreal

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Damageable vehicles: Yes

Tracks or places: view them


Pictures for this video game were provided by: takumi , Rinspeed

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Graphics and Sound
Vehicle ModelingYour Vote :
Average :
4.8/10 (5 votes)
Landscape/Scenery QualityYour Vote :
Average :
5/10 (5 votes)
Weather EffectsYour Vote :
Average :
3.5/10 (4 votes)
Damage SystemYour Vote :
Average :
3.8/10 (5 votes)
Sounds EffectsYour Vote :
Average :
5.2/10 (5 votes)
PlayabilityYour Vote :
Average :
4.8/10 (5 votes)
RealismYour Vote :
Average :
3.2/10 (5 votes)
Artificial Intelligence PerformanceYour Vote :
Average :
5.4/10 (5 votes)
Vehicles VarietyYour Vote :
Average :
5.6/10 (5 votes)
Tracks Variety/Map SizeYour Vote :
Average :
5/10 (5 votes)
Solo ModeYour Vote :
Average :
5.4/10 (5 votes)
Multiplayer ModeYour Vote :
Average :
4.6/10 (5 votes)




2009-07-25 01:39

I was gonna say "Oh shut up you graphics nerds, it's not that bad", then i saw the pictures, it actually IS! It looks like early concept art for a PS2 launch game circa 1996. Also the modeling on the cars is horrendous, just look at the Escort! Also the Ford badge has been tripled in size, can anybody say lame product placement?

dodge1970 CA (9)

2009-07-25 03:49

Its for the DS and Wii of course it looks terrible. Both have terrible graphic processors so the developers need no time to make them as they are limited by late 90's technology. :/

takumi FR (391)

2009-07-25 13:46

Moi, qui aime pas la Wii, je trouve qu'il doit étre assez marrant quand méme


2009-07-31 00:59

I think it looks cool

TA-Caprice-XI SX (8)

2009-08-14 00:54

Are you guys seriously thinking that this is a "proper" NFS game? It's for the DS and Wii, it looks like a kid's game because it's designed for a casual/younger audience - essentially just a quick cash-cow intended to attract as many "gamers" as possible. I thought that would have been pretty obvious to the average person... Also, it wouldn't matter if they gave this game ultra high resolution graphics and 1 million x 1 million pixel textures that most "gamers" a.k.a. "graphic whores" are so obsessed with, the game would still be EXACTLY the same as it is now. Funny thing is, if it did have "AWESUMMMM GRAFIKKKZZZZ!!!!!!", you'd probably all go out and buy it...

sandwad EN (21)

2009-08-14 01:17

james2006789 wrote

I agree as well, Shift looks 10x better than this SHIT!

i do hope they put the renault 4 and porshe cayyene in shift though

J-2 ES (1327)

2009-08-14 17:39

I suggest a new name: My first NFS, ages 0-10.

kojimoto CA (38)

2009-09-12 06:12

At least the car designs are decent.

RacingFreak (98)

2011-02-04 14:24

Hey, takumi or Rinspeed. Can anyone give me the savegame you used to take cars` pictures in garage shop? I`m in a big need of somewhat savegame. If you still have it, let me know ;)

some pics are from internet and ohter pics from ds emulator, i don't have save =/

-- Last edit: 2011-02-04 14:30:45 (Takumi)

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2012-07-31 13:29

Remove the intro I posted. I thought the green hue was part of the intro but it isn't.

lambokid89 PY (0)

2013-08-26 17:24

I actually liked this game, its fun, out of control arcade racing, i have the DS version. :)

BadHairDay AR (0)

2013-09-28 20:21

awesome game, haters gonna hate

BurninRubber12345 IT (5)

2015-01-25 21:36

DS have more cars.

Racedriver43 US (103)

2016-10-03 05:43

Looking back to this game, the cars look like Choro Q on meth...

Also, I remember the physics being horrible, along with the overall gameplay.

-- Last edit: 2016-10-03 05:43:56

Speedevil BE (173)

2016-10-03 09:16

The worst part is that the cars' designs are totally inconsistent. Some look almost like the real thing, and then there are some that look like funny cars.

Speedevil BE (173)

2017-10-19 18:07

Also available on the DS, there's even a few pictures on this page that come from that version.

MBR SM (0)

2019-01-02 14:07

I personally like the funny styled cars, very unique and different, would not mind another one like this, I played games like Choro Q so I think it was nice seeing them attempt something like this

Antoinegillet99 FR (0)

2019-03-15 13:56

it misses the 3 cars of the 5 moguls for silver and gold bronze cups in each country can you add them please thank you


2019-04-01 14:05

I have DS version of this, I'll finish it in the future.


2019-04-15 23:58

There's extremely low poly traffic vehicles not listed yet.


2019-04-27 20:31

This game's DS version is next. I'll make it's own page so Admin can delete the DS screenshots on this page, or move them to the DS page.

-- Last edit: 2019-04-27 21:05:13

Klumb3r CL (544)

2019-04-27 21:19

EEVEE(POKEMON) wrote I'll make it's own page so Admin can delete the DS screenshots on this page, or move them to the DS page.

I'll delete them when you publish the new images.

-- Last edit: 2019-04-27 21:20:06


2019-04-27 21:21

Klumb3r wrote
I'll delete them when you publish the new images.


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