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Syphon Filter 2, Third Person Shooter (TPS), 2000

Developer: Eidetic, Inc.

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.

Damageable vehicles: Yes


Pictures for this video game were provided by: naturalresistance , 3loader

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Mark0 RB (614)

2011-02-05 23:42

Nice 3loader

3loader RU (4)

2011-02-05 23:50

Its not complete coz game is too long.

Mark0 RB (614)

2011-02-06 09:29

It's nice for now ;-) Are you planing to finish the game?

Takumi FR (391)

2011-02-06 12:48

I remember am general and humvee

3loader RU (4)

2011-02-06 14:22

I lost my saves so i'll have to start it all over again. Do not know how soon.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2011-02-06 14:46

Are you playing this on an emulator? If you are using the US version, there are some saves here which might be useful:

-- Last edit: 2011-02-06 14:46:57

3loader RU (4)

2011-02-06 15:29

I use ePSXe emulator. Others just not work on my PC.

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