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Combat Arms, First Person Shooter (FPS), 2008

Developer: Doobic Studios

Publisher: Nexon

Damageable vehicles: No


Pictures for this video game were provided by: CA_NES

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CA_NES US (104)

2009-06-11 05:31

Free online game that you download available from Nexon. It is "free to play" and you can earn new weapons and upgrades with the equivalent of EXP points, or you can use real money to buy weapons for the game. However, all purchased or earned items can only be owned for a maximum of 90 days. Fun game overall, little experience needed, asdw to walk and mouse to shoot, a nice simple game. The vehicles are only there for looks though sadly.

CA_NES US (104)

2009-06-12 02:30

yeah, its not bad, if anyone plays it my screenname is HornetMan

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