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Resident Evil 2, Survival Horror, 1998

Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4

Publisher: Capcom

Damageable vehicles: No

Nintendo 64GamecubePCPSDreamcast

Pictures for this video game were provided by: subzero , Star Wars Fanatic

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Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2008-08-28 18:30

Try to use European box art when possible ;)

subzero MY (205)

2008-08-29 04:14

What you mean by European box art?

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2008-08-29 09:19

The covers from the American and European version are often different.

BeanBandit FI (1)

2008-08-29 12:29

Isn't this European? My own copy has this cover.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2008-08-29 15:00

Indeed, I replaced it.

subzero MY (205)

2009-09-29 18:49

All CGI pic contributed by SWF, not me!!

supertramp BR (0)

2012-03-27 04:39

Claire Harley Davidson?

Antti-san FI (38)

2012-11-28 03:51

I was thinking, shouldn't these RE games be listed with their original Japanese title (Biohazard) first? And on a related note, would it be possible in the future to have more than one cover picture for a given game? Sometimes the covers are quite different depending on the region.

-- Last edit: 2012-11-28 03:52:11

Aginnon CZ (4)

2017-09-17 10:33

Publisher is Virgin Interactive (Europe).

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