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Neon IT (26)

2009-03-14 20:29

Nice images, now which program do you use? Fraps?

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2009-03-14 20:39

Thanks Neon! I used something called FastStone Capture, it was the first and best I could find.

Rinspeed FR (1229)

2009-03-14 22:44

SizSkiizd, 4 without pictures: 1941 KhPZ T-34, 1942 Steyr RSO, Willys MB 'Jeep' , 1937 ZIS 6 Fuel Tanker
And good work!

-- Last edit: 2009-03-14 23:35:39

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2009-03-14 23:30

THERE! It's finished.


2009-03-15 18:25

Good job SizSkiizd!

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2009-03-15 18:31


SizSkiizd CA (68)

2009-03-24 12:08

What's with the bad rating? This game's awesome! It's the most realistic and detailed of all flight sims out there.


2009-03-24 21:03

Well, I'm a big fan of WWII games (Not that I support the war, oh no.) But I once played this game, and... well, it wasn't really my kind of war game...

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2009-03-24 21:58

Well, yeah, they have taken a few liberties in the 1946-campaigns, of which is great, because I like alternative-ending campaigns. It features the biggest asset of WWII aircraft ever seen in a game, and I like flying even more than driving :)


2009-03-25 21:49

Okay then, although I'm not saying that this game is bad, it's seems good as well! :)


2009-03-27 20:40

Skoda made a tank?! Whoa! I wasn't expecting that, well after this advert:

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2009-03-30 11:03

lol that's a funny advert ^.^


2009-03-30 22:07

Yeah, it always makes me reminisce... :D


2011-01-28 05:35

SizSkiizd nice job if you use hyperlobby to play 1946 tell me your call sign and ill friend you :)

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2011-01-28 11:06

Good idea! :) But then I'll have to reinstall the game and start playing again lol.

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