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Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Action, 2011

Developer: Techland

Publisher: Ubisoft

Damageable vehicles: Yes

PCPS3XBox 360

Pictures for this video game were provided by: Sandie , Takumi , mechanicmoose

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Takumi FR (391)

2011-04-30 16:06

I don't kwnow if the cars will be playable

stryder237 EN (3)

2011-04-30 16:59

if the cars arn't playable, why is it classed as racing?? Also wasn't the first game set in the wild west, not in modern day?

Takumi FR (391)

2011-04-30 18:30

My bad just an error

stryder237 EN (3)

2011-05-04 20:37

According to a video on xbox live you can drive cars. The video also had a hummer and a sedan like a crown vic. hopefully this will be a 16+ because my stupid parents wont let me play 18s :mad:

Sandie SX (0)

2011-06-09 02:23

Added some cars from a couple of HD trailers I've watched for my first IGCD contribution.

Looks like a good game. Not sure what of the cars are playable as one or two seem just to be cutscene type cars.

NeCroMaNCeR NO (0)

2012-06-23 22:19

Takumi wrote I don't kwnow if the cars will be playable

You can only drive one car (Gmc Yukon) but it comes in many different colours, I know this as I have Completed this amazing First Person Shooter

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