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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Fighting, 1994

Developer: Natsume/Banpresto/Sims/Pixel

Publisher: Bandai/Sega

Damageable vehicles: ?

Super NintendoGameboyMegadriveGame Gear

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2011-04-20 21:55

Based on the TV series called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers it is a
Fighting/Action/Adventure game released for the SNES, Game Gear, Nintendo Gameboy and the Sega Genesis with different publishers and developers
for each game. They are on a mission to save the world from the evil Rita Repulsa.
But even tough nothing beats the Power Rangers.

Here are the power rangers

Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
Zack (Black Ranger)
Billy (Blue Ranger)
Trini (Yellow Ranger)
Jason (Red Ranger)
Tommy (Green Ranger, Later White Ranger)

There are also Megazords in it Megazord, Dragonzord, Dragonzord Battle Mode, Thunder Megazord etc...

BTW: There is also a Sequel for it called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Move

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Takumi FR (397)

2011-04-20 22:14

Thanks for the very very very important information from Power Rangers lol, i need to say that to Barrack obama.

TakuFD3S ID (9)

2011-04-21 01:36

lol i remember played this game in my childhood


subzero MY (205)

2011-04-21 08:06

feel like deleting Lantz's comment, it is damn annoying

RacingFreak TW (100)

2011-04-21 08:23

subzero wrote feel like deleting Lantz's comment, it is damn annoying

Indeed, also he is so damn lazy to put even simple game information...

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