Destroy All Humans! (2020)

Type: Third Person Shooter (TPS)

Developer: Black Forest Games

Publisher: THQ Nordic

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Damageable vehicles: Yes


  • Unplayable Vehicles

    AEC Militant
    Austin Mini
    1953 Cadillac Eldorado
    1944 Cadillac M24 Chaffee
    Chevrolet Advance-Design 3100
    Divco 206
    1927 Dodge
    Ford Anglia
    1955 Ford Country Squire
    1952 Ford Mainline
    1952 Ford Mainline
    1941 GMC CCKW 352
    1953 International Harvester R-Series
    1953 International Harvester R-Series
    1958 Massey Ferguson 35
    1958 Plymouth Belvedere
    1958 Ruston-Bucyrus 22RB
    1958 Vauxhall Cresta


    Author Message

    ES andarara

    2020-08-02 15:53
    I could have sworn I saw taxis driving in the demo!
    US YoureSoWrongLmao

    2020-08-01 05:16
    TheGreaser wrote

    I think it's in the game but I haven't got that far yet.

    I hope it is but I highly doubt it. I watched 4 different gameplay videos of Capitol City and didn't see a single taxi. : (
    US YoureSoWrongLmao

    2020-07-30 08:33
    I'm disappointed that they forgot to add the Taxi from the capital city map. Even though it appeared in concept art. Bummer.
    US GeoZR177

    2020-07-30 03:38
    I own the game and I love what they have done with it. The cars are very detailed and for the most part pretty recognizable. I can provide descriptions of remaining cars.
    -Police cars I would say still Ford Mainlines
    -There civilian versions of both police cars and Majestic cars that should be listed separately
    -The strange Ford Anglia/Nash Metropolitan ice cream trucks
    - Divco Milk Truck though Ive only noticed them in the saucer
    - Box Trucks appear to be International R-Series from the mid 50s
    - Another standard sedan, roofline and body shape led me to think Studebaker President
    I would get these pics myself but I dont have capture capabilities

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