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Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006, Simulation, 2006

Developer: Auran

Publisher: Anuman Interactive

Damageable vehicles: No


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2007-06-20 16:10

I recently got this video game for my computer, in addition to my long list of train simulators. It did not disappoint me, but my sites were low (based on reviews). It has over one hundred and fifty usable train engines, and spans over nearly every country that trains are widely used. There are all three types of engines as well; diesel, electric and steam. It is very realistic as far as controls go. Being able to control everything from the emergency brakes to the windshield wipers and lights. I particularly liked the views. Four basics (cab, cinematic, exterior/train follow and free roam), and then it was nice as the cab view mode had several different preset views (such as window view, control view).
However, graphics left a lot to be desired. Especially in scenery. Realism is similar to most simulators. Very confined. When the train wrecks, all it does is slide off the tracks with no visible damage at all. Loading times are appalling, and take years. Once, I had the time to make a pot of coffee in the time it took for one level/scenario to load. But at least there is no lag during game play, a flaw I have found in many simulators.
The cars are very numerous, being on every road. But they are not detailed at all, and all they really do is slid across the roads and stop at grade crossings. Glitches such as the cars being able to move through each other are also noticeable.
All in all, I enjoyed it. But they went over board, and while it sounds excellent on paper, it is not better then the ten/twelve train Microsoft Train Simulator.

Personally, this is my favorite engine. The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Electro-Motive Division SD-70 Diesel (or something similar).

On a side note, I supplied the pictures. I just forgot my password for the IGCD Forums and had to create another account.

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2007-06-21 20:41

Here (above) is an example of a low-speed derailment. This particular one involved two EMD SD-70's, one in Burlington Northern colors (white on green) and a Santa Fe (aka. ATSF).

Here is one of the many train engines, a ALCo (American Locomotive Company) RS-3 medium duty road switcher. In Canadian National Railroad attire.

More trains:

-Canadian National Railroad Grand Tour, headed by a Northern

-The cabin of a Northern Type steam engine

-4-8-4 Northern Type steam engine (for the CNR)

-Canadian National Railroad Transcontinental (also being powered by a 4-8-4)

-Another view of the Transcontinental

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2007-06-21 20:44

Here is another vehicle. I believe it is a Jaguar. Its a four door sedan, and I have seen it in Canada, America and Germany. The shot above was taken in Canada, by the CNR train yard.

CrazyCars EN (13)

2008-02-09 10:06

I have Microsoft Train Simulator (Got it as a birthday present today!) and i'll ad any cars i spot in it

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2008-02-09 12:49

Happy birthday CrazyCars :)

Rinspeed FR (1247)

2008-02-09 13:28

Happy Birthday

CrazyCars EN (13)

2008-02-09 17:50

Thank you :)

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