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Terminator: Resistance, First Person Shooter (FPS), 2019

Developer: Teyon

Publisher: Reef Entertainment, Ltd.

Damageable vehicles: Yes


Pictures for this video game were provided by: TheGreaser

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TheGreaser US (58)

2019-09-20 01:32

Here we go again - another Terminator game that's on the fast track for failure. You can tell it's going to suck because this is coming from the developer and publishers of the abysmal Rambo game. If this fails, and it will, Arnold Schwarzenegger would come back and "fix" the game, but we'll see on December 3rd.

Asuka Langley Soryu US (0)

2019-09-20 03:05

I'm sensing some red flags immediately once I read "Teyon," and I'm thinking it'll turn out like the Rambo game back in 2014.

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Klumb3r CL (553)

2019-09-23 15:07

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