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Transport Fever 2, Strategy, 2019

Developer: Urban Games

Publisher: Good Shepherd Entertainment

Damageable vehicles: No


Pictures for this video game were provided by: TheGreaser

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TheGreaser US (126)

2020-03-06 02:29

Looks like I've hit 1,000 points!

Klumb3r CL (774)

2020-03-06 02:31


TheGreaser US (126)

2020-04-25 00:20

Apart from a few Studebaker trucks (and some I missed) that still need to be added, game completed!

In the words of the Male Voice 2 from SR:TT (voiced by Kenn Michael): Done and done!

TheGreaser US (126)

2020-05-05 19:50

By the way, none of the Transport Fever games have pages on IMPDB. I should help out like what all the members of IMCDb do with planes in their main pages and the folks at IMPDb add the aircraft, using the images provided by users, to their site. I'll roll out a list of planes in the game and post them here, complete with links to Imgur to send over to IMPDB. Is it possible to do so?

Y'know what they say about untapped potential, right? It's just waiting to happen!

Also, is there a site for boats and other forms of watercraft?

If so, here's the list. I will expand it later on if I get more images of planes ingame.
Blériot XI (a plane made out of makeshift parts, and surprisingly, it flies - mission 7 only)
Junkers F-13
Douglas airplane (I don't know the name)

Is anyone acknowledging this?

-- Last edit: 2020-05-19 16:43:21

TheGreaser US (126)

2020-05-21 01:52

For @admins:
The game is now confirmed for Macintosh via Steam. Expect it to drop by fall 2020. Another update will come next month.

And another:
I am continually helping out IMPDb (I don't have an account for that site, but still) by submitting aircraft shots via Imgur to profit on IMPDB's behalf. They're going under soon and we need your help. Help a sister site out.

-- Last edit: 2020-05-21 06:35:59

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