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Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers, Fighting, 2016

Developer: Magic Pockets

Publisher: GameMill Entertainment

Damageable vehicles: No

SwitchPS4XBox One

Pictures for this video game were provided by: TheGreaser

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TheGreaser US (30)

2019-07-02 15:40

You can find a cover by simply googling it. Anyway...

Please, for god's work, do not buy this, as Angry Centaur Review says otherwise:

What do you get when you take Castle Crashers, half Streets of Rage, and reskin it with iconic Cartoon Network characters from the 2010's, and what do you get? Battle Crashers.

It's very much the definition of terrible. It's essentially a boring beat 'em up with characters from notable CN shows, such as Adventure Time (2010-18), Regular Show (2010-17), Gumball (2011-present), Steven Universe (2013-present), Clarence (2014-18), and Uncle Grandpa (2013-17). I will say this though: The characters do look nice, and I'll give it that, and they're passable representations of the show's cast.

It's a huge grind-fest, no voice acting, and I'd like to leave this here regarding Steven Universe:
Steven Universe (currently one of Cartoon Network's most popular and well-reviewed shows) isn't really represented well in this game. First of all, only Steven (the main protagonist of that show) is playable, one of Steven's attacks in the game is a bubble, even though it is only used for defensive purposes in the actual show (though to be fair, the devs didn't really have much to work with in regards to Steven's abilities from the show). One of the game's hidden items is a map to Beach City, even though Steven already lives there. Finally, Frybo (a one-off antagonist in the actual show) was used as the boss for the SU-themed levels instead of any of the show's recurring antagonists (such as the Homeworld Gems).

The graphics are somewhat decent, and the scenery is passable, but it's still dispo (which makes it a last-gen game) as the rest of the game has problems. It is able to keep a consistent 30fps. The various combat offered between the characters are unusual, but imbalanced. It's a never-touch-it-again game.

That's pretty much all you need to know about this game.

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