Burnout (2007)

Type: Racing

Developer: Rovio

Publisher: EA Mobile

Platforms: Java

Damageable vehicles: Yes


  • Playable Vehicles

    2006 Dodge Viper
    Modified Muscle
    2006 Ford Mustang
    Tuned Sports
    Custom Compact

    Unplayable Vehicles

    1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
    2001 Ford F-150
    2004 Iveco EuroTech
    Made for Game Coupe
    2004 Toyota Celica

    Tracks or places:

    Angel Valley
    Eternal City
    Passing Silver Lake races.
    Silver Lake
    Passing Angel Valley races.


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    VE burnoutgt24 photo_librarymode_comment

    2022-04-23 05:14
    Car in the cover art is the Jansen X12 from Burnout Paradise

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