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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, Strategy, 2019

Developer: 3Division

Publisher: 3Division

Damageable vehicles: No


Pictures for this video game were provided by: Klumb3r

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SolanaBogon2 FR (0)

2019-11-06 17:25

I unfortunatly can't check because I don't have my "Eastern-bloc vehicles reference" on me, but many of these model years seems wrong to me. They seem to indicate the introduction year of these models, but said models has evolved over long period of time and much of the ones pictured seems to be of latter variants. I'm especially thinking about the RAF Latvija vans, the Avia trucks, the Skoda 1203 and the Skoda 706 trucks and buses

TheGreaser US (68)

2019-11-06 22:28

How many of them are there? This has to be the most extensive Soviet vehicle lineup ever in a game that I know of.

Klumb3r CL (681)

2019-11-07 05:02


I also found 3 hidden vehicles in the archives, a Škoda 1202, a GAZ 66 and a 1950 tractor, I had to edit the files to make them work

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