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Army of Two, Third Person Shooter (TPS), 2008

Developer: EA Montreal

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Damageable vehicles: No

PS3XBox 360

Pictures for this video game were provided by: TrueCrime

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TrueCrime US (99)

2019-01-01 05:02

My first video game addition to IGCD! :D

Here's some insight about this title:
Army of Two is a third-person co-op shooter developed by EA Montreal, published by EA, and this title came out in March '08. This game was a part of the whole co-op trend, popularizing on having another real player side alongside a player, and to be honest, it was a big deal during the late 2000s.

Anyway, this game involves two fratboy-turned Marines, Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios, becoming the face of a dangerous private military contractor, Security and Strategy Corporation. Their adventure starts in Somalia in 1993, tasked with taking down a Somali warlord, Mo'Alim, alongside a hotheaded private military contractor, Philip Clyde. They take down terrorists in Afghanistan, cope with a loss of their friend over a helicopter explosion in Iraq in 2003, and clash with private militaries and conspiracies about leaking troop positions and losing their squad, one at a time. The boiling point comes when they are under fire when, tasked with assassinating a notorious terrorist within Abu Sayyaf, wind up killing an Alaskan Senator Richard Whitehorse while his motorcade was crossing the Lijiang River in China. From there, they rescue their handler, Alice Murray, in Miami, execute the conspirator Clyde, and Richard Dalton, who was once the duo's instructor in Afghanistan. Afterwards, Rios and Salem formed the Trans World Organization, hence the name of the game.

Shots will come tomorrow and in the coming days. Klumb3r, can you see if my info about the game is correct? And pull up a cover without logos, shall we? ;)

solarriors CH (23)

2019-01-01 06:21

Now that's an achievement !
The cover is wrong. The Devil's cartel is the third installment of the series

Klumb3r CL (544)

2019-01-01 06:33

solarriors wrote The cover is wrong. The Devil's cartel is the third installment of the series

There are many different ones in Google, what is the first/original?

TrueCrime US (99)

2019-01-01 06:37

Wikipedia has one. It's a blue background with two masks, guns as skyscrapers and the title itself. You can edit it from here.
It wasn't listed and since it's BC, I've got it from here.
Most of the vehicles I found are wrecked unfortunately.

@Solarriros: The first one is the one I'm gonna focus on. I don't have The 40th Day sadly. Nor The Devil's Cartel.
Heck, The 40th Day could be possible since it's set in Shanghai, under attack by a unknown PMC, and there might be Chinese cars there.

More about the game: There's only six levels:
-Mogadishu, Somalia (1993) - Basically, the first part is the training level. The very first cutscene starts with an instructional video about combat and the aggro training. As the game begins, you're introduced with the two co-op protagonists and your training instructor, Pedro, gives you legroom to get familiar with the game. After a small session, you're informed by Richard Dalton that a hotshot mercenary within SSC, Philip Clyde, is planning to assassinate Mo'Alim before the two mercs get a chance. They fight through Mogadishu's streets and eventually meet Clyde, and proceed to the Continental Hotel, where Mo'Alim is holed up. The duo is skeptical where Clyde is, and eventually, the duo are compromised by the Somalians after a speech from Mo'Alim. They manage to assassinate him and are nearly killed when a bomb went off, sending the two near Clyde. The duo explain that they need to talk to Dalton about Clyde, while Salem criticizes the Army for having to follow orders. They needed extraction at the marketplace so after holding off for about two or so minutes, they leave Somalia and head back to the Security and Strategy Corporation Headquarters in Miami, Florida.

-Khandud, Afghanistan (2001) - Tasked with destroying Soviet M-11 missiles and assassinating Al-Habiib. The cutscene involves the birth of the title, followed by a year later (1994). At, SSC, Dalton introduced the two recruits to Alice Murray, the duo's handler, and bump into Philip Clyde, who sports a mohawk. The cutscene then goes into a montage mentioning President Eisenhower's farewell message, and shows the two private soldiers doing their tasks around the world during the '90s. Then we get another cutscene, but this time in 2001. The two men witness the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Murray informs them that they need to run headfirst into a base the very afternoon of the attacks. Dalton is briefing the duo with destroying a originally disabled missile, the M-11 missile, that was abandoned until two years prior to that, when Mohammed Al-Habiib decided to reactivate them. They are also tasked to rescue Brian Hicks, one of the SSC's men that the terrorists captured. After parachuting into Khandud, Rios is starting to become suspicious that Dalton is handling the mission, rather than Murray. With that being said, they shoot down a helicopter and proceed to blow up the M-11's.

-Al Faw, Iraq (2003) - Rescue an old friend, Samuel Eisenhower (who was killed as his helicopter departed from the base), and eliminate Ali Youseff. While in the mission, [Tyson] Rios gets very suspicious on what's happening with his squad being whittled away and insisted that someone is leaking troop positions.

-Aircraft Carrier, 200 mi. from the Philipphine Island of Luzon (2008) - A three-man job (with Philip Clyde in tow), you are tasked to speak with the aircraft commander and disable fighter jets. Along the way, *spoiler alert* Clyde was siding with terrorists. Your combat instructor from Somalia, Pedro, was killed along with his Navy SEALs later in the level.

-Lijiang River, China (2009) - And yes, this game has "events" set in the future. You are tasked with assassinating Cebu Mohammed, leader of the Abu Sayyaf organization, whom they destroyed the Aircraft Carrier. During the beginning cutscene, there's a debate going on about a bill that's campaigning to be passed, effectively allowing all armies in the U.S. to be replaced with a private army. Senator Richard Whitehorse is completely against it. As you make your way to the vantage point, you must shoot the gas canister under the bridge carrying a motorcade of three SUVs (which they insist Mohammed is in one of them). After another fight with the Chinese Army, the duo suddenly discover that they were wanted for murder, alongside a huge bounty. They realize that they're under threat of getting themselves killed by authorities. Alice Murray discovered that Senator Whitehorse was killed, apparently by Korean terrorists, while crossing the bridge at Lijiang River. The duo thought that someone at SSC had set them up for disaster. And the rest of the level is painful to get by, because you're first encountered by a dam, then you have to fight countless waves of Chinese soldiers, and they come in PACKS. After this whole charade of shooting, they discover that Murray was captured, and set off to Florida to find her.

-Miami, Florida (2009) - When the cutscene stars, the duo board a plane owned by Cha Min-Soo (Korean dealer who specializes in sniper rifles and launchers) and proceed to Miami. However, a hurricane is grinding across South Florida, and the fighter jets guarding the plane are worried that their pilot is not responding (he was shot dead). They discover that Philip Clyde boarded the plane and took Salem hostage. Rios fights back with Salem and tries to take down Clyde. However the fighter jets, not contempt of wanting another 9/11, shot down the cargo jet, landing out in an airport in Miami. After shooting through merc after merc and saving Murray, they go to SSC's headquarters and take down Clyde and Dalton.

For the gameplay, it's plays just like your average third person shooter. It's fun and it least has some replay value to customize a variety of weapons, such as the iconic AK-47 to the antimaterial Barrett M-107.
It's got multiplayer and a fair bit of content on hand. However the biggest flaw is it's freaking dialogue. I don't like the duo's one-liners they spit out every time. They also don't agree on what they say about what's happening, which is a huge bring-down.

Overall, it's fun for the most part, but I kinda wish they could have done a little bit better, IMO.

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Klumb3r CL (544)

2019-01-01 06:40

Changed :)

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solarriors CH (23)

2019-01-01 11:11

I should have posted a link with the right cover something like that. Sorry it was New Year first morning .
Nice description TrueCrime, keep up the good work that way

TrueCrime US (99)

2019-01-01 17:10

The game's selling point was the "Aggro" mechanic, which allowed the ability to take advantage of your enemies while your partner is taking aim at them. There are many ways to fill your Aggro, from shooting enemies to focus fire on you. They may also take notice of your weapon's modifications (more on that later) and attack you from there. This feature later carried on to The 40th Day, but I'm not sure about The Devil's Cartel.

Enemies-wise, it's more or less the same as most shooters of the ilk. You have your standard baddies that carry either assault rifles or shotguns, snipers, armored bad guys, and bosses.

The hostiles are represented with their respective colors:
Blue: Normal hostiles, usually with the two above. They're lightly armed.

Red: Veteran footsoldiers, usually either opting for assault rifles or marksmen with sniper rifles. They have more health than the regular grunts, and the snipers in particular are fairly difficult.

Yellow: Armored hostile. The only way to attack/damage him is to shoot his backside, as your reticule turns blue (meaning you can't hurt him). They either have LMG's or the short ranged shotguns, save for one level which one of them has an RPG-7.

Red with Skull and Bones: Bosses. They have quite a bit of health and and pack a beating on you. There's only four of 'em in the game and they are Mo'Alim (he has a golden AK-47), Mohammed Al-Habiib (possesses a DAO-X, a modified Striker shotgun), Ali Youssef (a freakin' M134 minigun!), and Philip Clyde (he has a sniper to shoot you at long range, and it's probably a M107)

More details later. I'm still waiting for the orig Army of Two cover to show up.

solarriors CH (23)

2019-01-01 20:11

the cover is the correct one !

TrueCrime US (99)

2019-01-01 20:23

Well, give it time and it'll be here. Usually it's a day or two.
I've already upped the SUV (which is a Lincoln Navigator, IMO.) found in the China level.

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chesty KY (52)

2019-01-01 23:45

Well done TrueCrime

TrueCrime US (99)

2019-01-02 00:04

>only trustworhty members (and admins) say I did a well done job
>trolls do not per what Mathias98 said
You are too late!

solarriors CH (23)

2019-01-03 05:27

Okay there you got a bit too confident, and went overboard. Don't lose focus and purpose of your text. You can give an enlightened opinion and trivias about the game, even some polemics about issue, but not bashing or trolling.
The other reviews were good :)

solarriors CH (23)

2019-01-06 04:32

@True Crime : I wanted to reply to a comment of yours that's similarly offensive to the one above, but it seems it got deleted. Just pay attention not to attack other members, and try to just stick to the positive outputs and contributions

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