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Spider-Man, Action, 2018

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Sony

Damageable vehicles: ?


Pictures for this video game were provided by: TrueCrime , Blue birdie ta , 93MANIAC , fefdinandcastle

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Klumb3r CL (544)

2018-09-06 17:55


speedfreak975 LB (329)

2018-09-06 18:15

Shame its sony only ....atleast give us PC

-- Last edit: 2018-09-06 18:18:26

speedfreak975 LB (329)

2018-09-09 10:54

....this and some other exclusives like God of war and detroit and making me think about getting there even a point in getting one where next gen is soon

-- Last edit: 2018-09-09 10:54:42

speedfreak975 LB (329)

2018-09-09 20:22

The game has photo will make entries much better

Klumb3r CL (544)

2018-09-28 02:43

Blue birdie ta, can you complete the game? your photos are great!

tunedricer CN (356)

2018-09-28 04:13

I agree.. those are some great shots!

Blue birdie ta US (1)

2018-09-30 00:46

Klumb3r wrote Blue birdie ta, can you complete the game? your photos are great!

Sorry for late reply sure I'll do it when I get home from road trip tommorow I forgot to screenshot a camaro and a SUV and better pictures of a prius

car mad1 UK (5)

2018-10-01 19:03

The cars look similar to the cars in Watchdogs and GTA V

Flippedoutkyrii CA (36)

2018-10-02 05:47

Some great shots, and it's so awesome to see a Spiderman game give their car-modellers a budget! :D

TrueCrime US (99)

2018-12-06 04:12

Found out I can do shots on PS4 as well. Never mind.

-- Last edit: 2019-01-11 20:38:49

TrueCrime US (99)

2019-01-11 20:42

Still missing a couple of vehicles, a street sweeper found at nighttime conditions, a Silver Sable APC with laser guns, an armored MRAP cruiser, an ambulance, firetruck and a delivery truck, as well as a parking enforcement vehicle. Shall I add these alongside better shots for the delivery truck and garbage truck? Because blue birdie TA's shots are good.

-- Last edit: 2019-01-11 20:55:00

Flippedoutkyrii CA (36)

2019-01-14 18:01

Shame no older cars make an appearance, would have been cool to see an older Station Wagon or a Hatchback

TrueCrime US (99)

2019-01-14 19:28

Would've been nice to see more beyond just present-day cars.

Like for example:
-90s cars like the Caprice and Crown Vics, just the civilian ones
-Sports cars, like Porsches and Ferraris
-Malaise-era landyachts from the '70s.
-A limousine would have at least fit the bill.
-Larger vehicles, like semi trucks in normal gameplay would add variety
-Minivan Taxis (really do fit the setting, don't know why there's only the Prius-lookalike)
-Motorcycles (no I'm not joking!)
-Older pickup trucks

That's what variety should be, imo.

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