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Generation Zero, Action, 2019

Developer: Avalanche Studios

Publisher: Avalanche Studios

Damageable vehicles: ?


Pictures for this video game were provided by: goaterz

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goaterz SE (1)

2018-08-19 11:04

Pictures taken from official screenshots.

TrueCrime US (99)

2019-01-25 14:44

Game is coming out on March 26th, for your info. Who will reserve this page?

Klumb3r CL (513)

2019-01-25 18:12

The game is too cheap, maybe I'll buy it.

TrueCrime US (99)

2019-01-25 18:15

Well, it's from Avalanche Studios (they're Swedish too!) and published by THQ Nordic. From what I can gather it's set in a robo-apocalypse version of Sweden. Really hoping this can live up just like the Just Cause games.

Klumb3r CL (513)

2019-01-27 05:50

I already bought the game, so I'll try to update the images... in March.

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