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Fallout 76, RPG, 2018

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Damageable vehicles: Yes


Pictures for this video game were provided by: Retr0_50s , stratumx , tempacc123

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ThePorsche934.5 IL (64)

2018-06-13 06:40

This game was announced at the conference E3 2018

DodgeDiplo US (0)

2018-06-15 16:28

Given how much of the game looks like Fallout 4, I'm guessing it's rocking the same engine and thus will use most of the same models for cars. Given we've got the Corsair, Nucleon and Corvega, I wouldn't be surprised if this just becomes a copy-paste of all the 4 stuff.

BKelly9505 US (0)

2018-07-01 15:17

Is this of any relation to "Interstate '76"?

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