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Hitman, Third Person Shooter (TPS), 2016

Developer: IO Interactive

Publisher: Square Enix

Damageable vehicles: ?


Pictures for this video game were provided by: Kecske

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Klumb3r CL (198)

2017-02-20 17:29

Nice Kecske!

Lightwader SI (0)

2017-02-20 18:02

Surprised it took that long for someone to post this :p

Mark0 RB (431)

2017-02-20 20:29

Great job Kecske :)

Kecske HU (41)

2017-02-21 00:17

Thank you, it's been a while since I uploaded something :p
By the way I used this tool to take the pictures, really helpful: link

Norman Bates FI (5)

2017-02-28 01:34

There is a W140 Mercedes in one of the cut scenes.

I tried to post it but it got deleted for some reason.

thb886 US (0)

2017-05-02 15:15

I really like some of the car designs in Hitman 2016, some of them could be like real on market vehicles .

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